How to Install and Watch Twitch on Roku

Twitch is a popular service that provides live streaming videos on gamings, eSports events broadcasts, etc. and works as a subpart of Amazon. The service also enables the users to get the benefit of music broadcasts and various creatively made contents online. The main focus of the Twitch service is on presenting live gaming events and various programs. It can be installed and viewed on Roku, a digital media player developed by Roku Inc.

Roku is a device that provides various media to its users through multiple online services. If anybody wants to watch Twitch events, online gaming series, and tournaments, then this blog will be beneficial for them.

Back to the year 2017, that marks the climax for the Roku channel Store that pulls out into the bag of Amazon. One can still take the help of the Twitch based Unofficial application or TTV Streams to get Twitch events on the Roku.

Installing Older Edition of Official Twitch Application on Roku

In case you wish to install the Old official application of Twitch on your Roku, then the unofficial app will help you in this regard.  This application isn’t available in the Channel Store of Roku, and thus you have to apply the feature “Add a Channel With A Code.” Below are the important instructions to install older Twitch application, follow them carefully:

  • First and foremost, open any of the desired browsers and visit “”
  • Next, ensure that you have properly logged into your Account.
  • Now, a new page will expand and ask for a secret code. You have to type “TWITCHTV” and abide by the warning instructions appear on the Prompt box to include the concealed channel with your Account.

Note: In case the Twitch application doesn’t appear instantly under the Home menu, then restart the Roku by visiting the Settings section.

  • Now, tap on System options.
  • After that, hit the tab “System Restart” by navigating the Home Screen of Roku.
  • When “Amazon” stops the service of Twitch from the channel of Roku, Roku users are still using Twitch services that had previously installed it on their devices.  Only the Unofficial application of Twitch recommends you to use Official private applications.
  • Now, launch the Twitch Unofficial application on Roku.
  • A warning alert will display on your device related to the unavailability of the Official Twitch application. Here, you have to enter the “Yes” tab.
  • Now, a new page will be expanded on your device as an Official Twitch application. Then, hit the “Add Channel” there.
  • Abide by the on-display instructions to continue and then insert the displayed code on your screen.
  • Then, the device will verify that the Twitch application is added successfully to your home screen. You may remove your Twitch Unofficial application.
  • Now, you can watch any Twitch tournament or live streaming events based on the category or popularity. For watching the contents of available applications, you have to get into each app, and you can do so by login them.
  • For viewing the channels that you have followed earlier, hit the star-shaped button over Roku remote. Now, you need not worry about upgrading your application.

Installing TTV Stream over Roku

TTV Stream works as an unofficial supported application that has the capability of providing access for running Twitch. It works as an alternative application for Twitch. To install TTV Stream on your device, abide by these offered instructions:

  • First of all, launch any of the desired web browsers on your device.
  • Then, visit “” and then hit the tab “Add Channel.” You have to log in once more and follow the displayed guidelines until the channel is not added to the list.
  • In case, the TTV Stream application doesn’t show up instantly under the Home section, then restart the Roku. It can be done by going to the Settings page.
  • Then, hit the System option there.
  • Now, tap on the System Restart option by navigating the home screen of Roku.
  • Next, launch the application of TTV Stream and go through the display indications.
  • Then, visit the link “” and then type six-digit code showing on your Roku.
  • After that, abide by the on-display instructions for linking the Account of Twitch to TTV Stream. When you have completed all the above instructions, you get the complete access of TTV Stream over the Roku system.

Note: If you are thinking of “Twitched Zero” and “Twitched”; unofficial applications for Twitch streaming services, then it is recommended not to download these two as developers ban them.


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