How to install AOL desktop gold for Windows and Mac

AOL Desktop Gold is a software application that acts as a search engine and web browser. Like other web browsers which include Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. you need to download and AOL desktop gold download across various operating systems. In this blog, you can read the installation steps for both Windows and Mac operating system. There are three ways by which you can download the desktop software in the system and then proceed towards installing the software. But before you continue, you need to give a check to the system requirements which are essential for installation.

System Requirements for AOL Desktop Gold

  • Free space of atleast 512 MB in the hard drive
  • Windows 7 and + version
  • High-speed internet connection
  • 1 GB RAM
  • A fast computer processor with the basic speed at 266 MHz
  • 1024 X 768 high screen resolution

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

To download the desktop software, you first need to be an AOL member and then take the paid and premium subscription.

Method 1- When you are already an AOL advantage plan member

If you have already taken AOL advantage membership, then you can download AOL Desktop Gold for free.

  • Type on a web browser to open AOL sign in page
  • Select your username and enter the password.
  • After signing in to the account, click on ‘All products’ and then select the option of AOL Desktop Gold
  • Tap on ‘Download Now’ link under the selected option

Method 2- When you have AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription

  • Go to login page and sign in via the login credentials
  • Go to My services and then click on Subscription
  • Search for AOL Desktop Gold icon and click on ‘Get started’ link

Method 3- By the confirmation mail that you receive

  • This is done when you create an account on AOL and become its member.
  • Enter the and create a new AOL account. Provide the necessary information that has been asked for.
  • Now you will receive a link on the email and the subject for the same would be ‘Get started with AOL Desktop Gold.’
  • Click on the link given and download AOL Desktop Gold

How to install AOL Desktop Gold?

Once you have downloaded AOL Gold software in the operating system, you can install it easily with few steps. The process is so simple that if you had verified the system requirements beforehand, then it would be installed within a few minutes.

  • Click on File Explorer icon on the desktop
  • In the download folder, click on download AOL install AOL desktop goldGold icon
  • Click on Run and then select the option of Install Now
  • Once the software gets installed, the desktop icon will get created automatically.



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