How to Install Multi User Mode on QuickBooks Pro?

QuickBooks Pro is one of the popular accounting software solution developed by Intuit. Recently, it is the winner of Intuit best accounting software award for 2018. However, QuickBooks pro is not the first try of the company to provide shine in the accounting environment. Apart from this, QuickBooks Pro offers an option to easily install a multi-user mode for every single user to easily utilize on two or more computer systems together or for several users. But every user has a valid license for using the QuickBooks program. As QuickBooks is used by millions of users across the globe it’s security and privacy settings is restricted.

Nevertheless, Many certified and authorized users can sign in and easily access the similar QuickBooks file if in case you have installed QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server and certified users to use the QuickBooks Company file. When the QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed successfully on the system, scans the computer system for updating all your files and configuring some newest company documents to synchronize with some authorized computer system which is strongly connected to the network connection.

Underneath are a stepwise guide to install the multiuser mode on QuickBooks Pro easily. Although it’s a very simple and easy process. But some newbie’s are facing problem while installing it. The process is discussed below.

Steps to Install Multi User Mode on QuickBooks Pro

Before starting the stepwise guide, we suggest you follow the instructions in the accurate order as given below. If you do not follow it in the correct sequence, you might be experiencing lots of issues. Doing this in the same manner as discussed below will save lots of time and prevent unwanted issues. Here how to do it:

Installation of QuickBooks Database Server

  1. Firstly, exit all the programs running on the computer file server. Furthermore, any virus protection software that might hinder with the process of installation. You can close all the running program by pressing the ‘ALT-F4’ in Windows 8 operating system.
  2. Then, place the QuickBooks CD into the drive and click on the ‘Start’ tab to initiate the installation program.
  3. In case, already have installed QuickBooks, twice tab on the QuickBooks installer file.
  4. Once done, press the ‘Yes to All’ option to easily overwrite all the existing files.
  5. Tap on the ‘Next’ tab to agree with the license bond.
  6. Again, press the ‘Next’ tab to proceed further.
  7. Choose the ‘Custom and Network Options’ and also select the option which doesn’t require any license or agreement.
  8. Then, let’s install the files to share the company file over the network connection.
  9. Choose ‘Multiuser’ option and the ‘Install Database Server Only’ option.
  10. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of installation. Once process completed, choose the option which allows access for some other computers to launch files on your computer system.
  11. Tap on ‘Next’ tab.
  12. After that, press the ‘Install’ to install the software.
  13. Once finished, tap on the ‘Finish’ tab to launch the QuickBooks software.
  14. Press the ‘Scan Folders’ tab located in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager section.
  15. Press the ‘Add Folder’ tab and choose the correct location where you stored your company document, or you can also choose the option that scan all the folders in one click.
  16. Tap on ‘Scan’ and ‘Exit’ tab whenever the process of scanning finished.

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