How to install the Android Operating System on Nook Color

Want to change your Nook Color tablet into an Android tablet? Today most of the tablets and smartphones are powered by Android, even big brands (Samsung, Sony, Nokia, etc.) of smartphones use Android operating system. Devices like smartwatch, smart TV, and tablet all are running on Android OS. If you also want to run Android OS in your Barnes and Noble Nook Color tablets, with the help of a microSD card you can do this. It is a type of trick because it can be done without removing or changing your Nook Color’s internal operating system. Here is how to run Android OS in your Nook Color tablet.

Things what you need:

•    microSD card of 16GB

•    the adapter of microSD card

•    a computer

•    Win32 disk imager

Initial setup you need to do in your computer

1.    Copy the essential files or data from your computer’s hard drive in the microSD card. Although the data stored in it will erase when an image is written in the MicroSD card.

2.    Now, download and install ‘7-Zip’ program on your PC.

3.    Next, install the ‘Win32 disk imager’ on your PC.

4.    Open ‘7-Zip’ program, and unzip ‘Android image’ file.

Extract the files in a folder, where you can easily access it.

Create an image in the microSD card

Before you proceed, check if any external media like external hard drive, flash drive, iPods, etc. is connected with your computer, if yes, then remove all of them. After removing the external media, you can start the process.

1.    Open ‘Win32 disk imager’ program.

2.    Click on ‘Browse.’

3.    Locate to the image file you extracted before.

4.    Now, click the device dropdown button.

5. Choose the drive name for your microSD card.

Caution:  Clicking the ‘Write’ button will erase all information from the selected drive.

6. Start the image writing process.

7. Wait for the writing process to get complete.

8. Once it is complete, eject the microSD card properly from the computer.

9. Now, again connect the microSD card to the computer.

10. Open the microSD card.

11. Go to the root folder under it.

12. Select the ‘Update’ file downloaded from CyanogenMod’s website.

13. Copy the ‘Update’ file.

14. And paste the files into the root folder in microSD card.

15. Wait for the update files to copy.

16. Once copying will finish, eject the microSD card properly from the computer.

Using the Android operating system in your Nook Color

Note:  Do not remove the microSD card from your Nook Color tablet between the process.

1. Take the written microSD card.

2. Place the microSD card into the microSD slot of your Nook Color.

3. Restart your Nook color.

4. Wait for the process to complete.

5. Once it ends, your tablet will power off automatically.

6. Power on your Nook Color.

7. Wait for it to boot in Android OS.

That’s it! Your Nook Color tablet is now running on Android operating system, have fun.

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