How to Keep Using Windows XP Securely Forever

Microsoft always updates its OSs in 10 years and provides updated versions for ten years as well. Microsoft stopped providing official support for Windows XP from April 2014 and it recently stopped Windows 7’s support as well. Now, the only option remaining for you is to update to Windows 10.

How to Keep Using Windows XP Securely Forever

In this blog, we describe to you how you can secure your system while updating Windows XP for a long time.

Based on market review, many users still use Microsoft Windows XP on their PC and laptops. People do not like to update their desktop or laptop for several reasons. If you want to know how you can run old version Windows XP in your device, then you can learn how Windows XP essential for you.

Majority of the people like to use Windows XP because of its official use. It is easy-to-use and understandable for every work.

We know that in current times Windows 10 is among the most used OS, especially for Business purposes and official uses. It provides several software that are easy to understand and maintain all your needs related to business or official work.

If you have a device with a Virtual machine, then it isn’t simple to update your Windows XP in your device.

It is not only one reason that you don’t want to upgrade your device with Windows 10. However, you also cannot update your Windows XP because the new version only supports Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. In the latest version, there is no driver to update your Windows XP.

So if you wish to continue using your Windows XP, then you can use it in your system, then check out the following tips and decide which is suitable for you.

Use Windows XP Now and Forever

First, we need to secure our device as updating it contain risks to harm our device. Since Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10, it is complicated to protect Windows XP security. If you don’t know how you can protect your device, it may be reflected with several various like Malware, worms, bugs, and Viruses.

Here we learn how to secure our device with Windows XP after Electro-Optical System (EOS).

Install Reputable Antivirus

Although we know that Microsoft does not release any security for Widows XP, but you can still protect your device. If you want to secure your device, then you can download and install the antivirus programs that are available for free and paid versions.

To protect your computer, you can download free antivirus, but if you want more security Windows, then you need to install the paid version of Microsoft that provide more security to your device. AVG, Norton, Avast or Kaspersky are the primarily used antivirus program that offers more protection to your device, and you can choose any one version according to your use.

If you wish to know about Microsoft Security Essentials, then you need to remember Microsoft has released their last version of Windows XP in the June 2015. Security is the first privacy of the device, so you need to buy a particular program that is suitable for a device.

Software up to Date

It is essential for all users to always update their software program by installing or upgrading with the latest version of the software from the official website. Regularly updating software program can protect you from several infected viruses like Malware. Make sure to install all the patches that given by Microsoft until 8 April 2014.

Go Offline Instead Using Internet Explorer

In your Windows XP, you can use Google Chrome and Firefox. You need to know that all the internet explore companies have a reason for providing you security. If your windows XP does not support any internet browser, then you need to understand your Internet Explorer not offering you a security to your device.

So the best method to keep safe from the unpleasant condition will be used in Firefox and Google Chrome with updates its latest patch.

Many tools contain Malware various that can be affected by your device while suffering online at the time of updates. There are all the updates are not officially so it can catch Malware virus that can be harmful to your device.

Java Web Browser

Java is one of the most used software in Windows, especially in the browser. Using java computer criminals will harm your software by java. To secure your system by coming in any trouble, you need to disable the Java web browser for your device.

Here are the steps on how you can disable it from your device:-

  1. Launch the Control panel.
  2. Choose Java.
  3. Click on the security and deselect your choice.
  4. Double-tap on Enable java that shoe in the browser.
  5. Hit the Okay button.
  6. Apply this new setting.

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