How to Keep Your Webcam Secure: 5 Ways to Stop Spying

Many of you, if not all, would have heard about instances where people were spied on through their webcams. Yes, there is a possibility that hackers can access your webcam and spy on you. This may sound scary but there are ways by which you can avoid falling victim to any such activity. Just like cybercrimes and hacking through various viruses was very common at one time. Although it continues to prevail now companies have come up with anti-virus software. Moreover, telecommunication companies offer online security as a part of their basic Internet packages. In case, you weren’t aware of this feature, you can always visit the company website or contact cable companies for my area (my service provider). The reps will guide you. Coming back to webcam security, here are some ways by which you can keep your webcam secure. But before that let’s have a little sneak peek into how hackers gain access to your webcams.

The common procedure that exists between hackers to access someone’s webcam includes finding security vulnerability. Once done, they can take advantage of it without letting the victim know. Some of the famous examples of it are clickjacking, vicious malware, viruses and even direct access attacks. Sending infected email attachments is also a way of gaining access to someone’s webcam. Hence, you should play it safe by employing one or more of the following techniques:


One of the most common suggestion that people would give you is to cover your webcam with something black (or not so black). Just cover it. The best option to go with is electrical tape. In case you are worried about any tape residues ruining your camera lens when you take it off, take a long strip of tape and fold it back. Even the best hacker in the world would not be able to beat electrical tape. However, if you are too finicky about your laptop and its neatness, you have another option as well. This option does not involve any tape. You just have to make sure that you close your tab or laptop when you are not using it. This will keep you protected from the hackers as well.

Webcam Related Malware

Yes, you have been careful and installed the virus scanner. However, this might not be enough on its own. A simple virus scanner may not be able to catch or detect webcam related spyware. For this purpose, you will have to install anti-spyware. Moreover, you should consider playing extra safe by augmenting the primary anti-malware solution with another malware- Hitman Pro, for example. This acts as a second layer of defense.

DO NOT Open Every E-mail!

Consider this as a serious warning. But avoid opening e-mails from unknown senders. Especially when you receive an e-mail from an unknown source that also contains an attachment. The chances that the e-mail was sent to you to cause harm are very high. However, if you think that a friend or colleague would have sent that email, you can always contact them and ask BEFORE you open the email.

Routine Malware Scans

It is essential for you to scan your laptop regularly for any malware that might be present. Malware is a popular way for hackers to have access to your computer, tablet or laptop and hack all the information present there. If you keep doing this on a regular basis, you will keep yourself away from a lot of trouble.

Webcam Protection Software

There are certain programs that keep running in the background and notify you whenever your webcam is used. This is an amazing option for you to opt for because you won’t have to put in any extra work. As whenever the system fears that your webcam is being accessed or used, it notifies you.

Apart from all this, you can choose from any one or more of the following ways to protect yourself from spying through the webcam:

  • Use firewalls
  • Update firmware
  • Avoid clicking any shortened links on social media websites

It is very important to consider your safety when it comes to using these gadgets. I have come across a lot of people who think that spying through webcam is a mere joke. I know of a friend who has a subscription to Lifetime on DIRECTV. Someone who herself recommended clients regarding their online security. She, herself, took the whole ‘secure yourself against the spies through webcam’ as a joke and suffered consequently. Therefore, take precautionary measures. Stay safe!

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