How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Importance of Motivation:

Motivation is one of the most important factors that drives you daily to achieve our goals, no matter if they are personal or professional. Lower levels of motivation can result in making you feel depressed and will give you an overall low feeling that will adversely affect your personal and professional life. Motivation is that special kind of energy that will help you fight all types of challenges in life and will allow you achieve higher levels of goals and rewards. All the successful people we hear about today have one common factor that is called motivation. It helps you to think out of the box, make great plans, setting goals, boost internal energy and develop competencies.

Leaders, students, athletes, professionals and even famous economists highly emphasized on staying motivated in life. Economists worked really hard to develop motivational theories that helped the countries to grow and make invent amazing technologies that we use today. The presidents of the country’s main motive is to motivate the people of the country towards positivity and growth and to put an end to hopelessness.

Lifehack & Motivation:

Getting motivation and positive energy is easy if you have the right mentor with you. It’s just like when you want to learn about a profession, you need to surround yourself with people who are linked with that profession and they know the drill. If you want to become a pilot in life, you would need to be trained physically and mentally by the experts in a special environment. Similarly, if you want to induce some good level of motivation in yourself, all you need to do is find the right mentor and platform.

Leon Ho, Lifehack’s founder and CEO is one of those people who has worked really hard to develop special courses to help people stay motivated and positive in life. Lifehack courses are designed in such a way that will unleash your true potential while recognizing and refining your skills.

Tips on Staying Motivated:

Let’s discuss few important tips and tricks extracted from the courses of Lifehack to keep you the right track and motivated.

  • Reading about the most successful people:

There are a few people that came to this planet earth and established their name and vision in such a beautiful way that it forces you to study about their personalities in detail. Their light of knowledge still exists in our lives and societies. Reading about their lives will give you an idea that their lives were not bed of roses. When they expressed an idea or a vision, the nay saying people discriminated them, tried to push them out of their society, called them mad and even threw stones at them. The question here is, what was that factor that kept them going until they completed their mission and achieved what they wanted to? The answer is quite obvious and simple.

Here is a book that you must study “The Hundred: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” written by “Michael H. Hart”. In this book you will get a chance to read about the most motivated individuals that came in this world with a vision and made things happen.

  • Positive Environment:


As discussed earlier, it’s really important for all of us to watch out our company. Our surroundings and the people we hang out with play a very important role in defining our personality. Our brain and body automatically starts to adopt habits and psychology from the people of our surrounding. To join the armed forces one would have to get physically and mentally trained in order to become a captain. Staying in that tough training environment will unleash those special skills that are required to learn about the war tactics. Similarly, it’s important to surround ourselves with positive and motivated individuals who have set some goals in life and want to achieve something rather than surrounding ourselves with people who would want to become rich in seconds by doing some hard to the society.


  • Inner Peace:

Without having inner peace it’s really hard to keep yourself motivated. In the absence of inner peace, the things that become present are fear, insecurity and guilt. The main source of negativity is the type of connection that one develops with his or her own self and secondly, the connection one keeps with the society.

Hurting our own selves would be like stabbing a knife in the center of inner peace. Hurting does not only mean physical hurting, it might be in the form of jealousy, ego, taking drugs or even not taking good care of your body. On the same page, hurting others will increase the level of guilt deep down inside, resulting in lower level of inner peace and at the end low motivation.

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