How to Know If There Are Bed Bugs? Four Signs

If you are reading this post, we assume that you might be dealing with bed bugs or you might be having a doubt that your house is attacked by bed bugs. But the question is how would you understand if there are actually bed bugs or not? Since bed bugs are so small and good at hiding, you might not find them. However, there are a few signs that you can follow to know the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Also, once you have realized that bed bugs have attacked your house, you should call a trusted company for getting bed bug services. To find a great company, you can either do good research or you can simply ask for recommendations, the choice is yours.

Red and Itchy Bites: If bed bugs have attacked your house, you might notice red and itchy bites on your body. The emergence of small and red clusters is an important sign and it indicates the presence of bed bugs. Remember that bed bug bites don’t spread, however, they can be very irritating.

A Buggy Bed: Since bed bugs are majorly found on the bed as they feed on humans, you might notice blood stains looking like small rust spots on the bed. Besides this, you might also find their exoskeletons as bed bugs tend to lose their skin while growing up.

Check the Closet: Besides the bed, if there is another place where the bed bug hides, it’s a closet. Thus, you must always check your closet and clean it properly because bed bugs on clothes mean bed bugs on humans.

Use Your Nose: If you get a musty odor, this means that you have got a problem because have a strong musty smell. Visit here to know more.

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