How to Know If You Have Hernia or Not?

Did you know that nearly every 1 in 4 men has a hernia? And the probability of suffering from a hernia in women’s cases is as low as 3 in 100 people. This shows that men are more prone to this painful and uncomfortable problem. But the best thing is that hernia is curable and you should get it treated before it causes a lot of problems.

But the question is when should you go to a certified hernia surgeon specialist? Do you have any idea? Do you know the signs and symptoms of a hernia? You can surely not go to a surgeon each time your groin or belly is aching, right? Of course! That’s why we have listed some of the strong signs here. If you relate to any of these signs, go to a surgeon without wasting any time.

● Soreness and pain: Do you constantly feel a sudden pain whenever you are coughing or doing any kind of physical activity? If yes, it’s because maybe you are dealing with a hernia. And if it’s the case, you should not ignore the problem. Rather you should go to a certified surgeon immediately.

● Bulge in your abdomen: Another sign that indicates that a person is dealing with a hernia is a bulge in the abdomen or groin. In simpler words, the first sign of a hernia is a bulge. And it gets formed by an organ or a tissue sticking out a weak abdominal wall. Visit website to know more.

● You feel nauseated: Lastly, if you are dealing with a hernia, you will feel nauseated. This happens when the problem gets worsened and the supply of blood is cut off.

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