How To Know If Your Dog Is Aging

Every living thing at a certain point will reach a decline phase-a phase where old age sets in, where the zeal to be active is no longer there, a stage where old-age like sicknesses starts plaguing them. Dogs have a different metabolism than humans, their own metabolism is higher than ours, and their heart beat is more rapid than a human’s own. Because of the additional work exerted by their body, it makes them age faster than humans.

How do you know a dog is old

There’s no rule of thumb to ascertain the age of dogs as breeds vary, and mature differently. However, the bigger your dog, the faster the rate of it maturing. Generally, if your dog is over seven years old, it is reaching its old age. This is a time it will be experiencing so many discomfort, and decline in health. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog is considerably comfortable during its later years.

Just like humans, even if an old dog is healthy, it will definitely have reduced energy levels. They begin to get tired easily, and sleep more often. Most times after playing, you may notice a visible stiffness in their body. The stiffness could be as a result of old age, or the onset of arthritis. If the latter is the case, then you need to take your dog to see the vet.

There are a number of ways to ensure that your dog has the necessary care it needs. They are:

  • Exercising your dog; this helps the dog to burn calories, thereby preventing weight gain
  • Giving your dog a balanced diet; healthy foods are necessary as your dog needs every nutrient in order to stay vital
  • Providing veterinary care for your dog
  • Adding natural pet-friendly supplement rich in vitamins in order to help maintain their immune system.

As your dog enters the “senior phase,” you can help it by making sure its sleeping arrangements are comfortable. At your leisure time, shop online or simply go to the local store and browse through some dog beds that are made to relieve joint and limb pains. The care of an older dog  can be synonymous to the care of an elderly human. If you do not know how  to signs for an aging dog, people can browse the web page by click on


Regular exercise for your senior dog will go a long way in avoiding weight gain. However, moderation is the key. Always keep your dog hydrated, give them natural foods with sufficient vitamins, proteins, and minerals. If there’s need to change its diet, visit your vet first before making such changes. Remember to also vaccinate your dog regularly. You can show love for an older dog by simply keeping it happy and comfortable.

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