How to Know More About Drones

Will it Instantly avoid obstacles? No, this drone does not have obstacle avoidance. Relocate this helpful?

Application doesn’t recognize the Drone even though the phone pertains to Drone wireless. Help?

Visit “SETTINGS”. Click “DATA USAGE”. Turn off “MOBILE DATA”. Should solve the problem.

My camera is viewing upside lower how will you fix that

Sorry, I am unable to assist you. I’m inside my second f11 and should not possess the motors to concentrate on that specific either. My camera works. I’m unsure. Has it transported this inside the beginning? I’d consult with Ruko online support. It could take them from 12 to 24 hrs to go back to you because context they are very responsive.

Inside the upper right corner of page 17 inside the manual, you will observe the icon description, or directly enter in the Application operation page, as well as in the VR icon, you will observe the button of switch screen. Likely to alteration to inside the application to change the screen. The icon (switch) is among the drone control screen, in the pinnacle.

The current faa registration needs a serial number. are you currently presently presently presently serious that Ruko doesn’t provide one?

I can register my frsky drone through FAA without any serial number once I registered it a leisure drone. FAA then provides you with a certificates number that you could stick to the drone.

Because of its size and skills, the Ruko F-11 doesn’t need to become registered when using the FAA…

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