How to Know the Best Time to Conduct the Chimney Inspection and Cleaning in NC?

A lot of options you may have available in the market when you wish to conduct the Chimney Repair in NC. The right time to hire the best agency is in hotter months. Yes, you must get the job done before the winter (generally in Autumn).

Chimney Inspection and Cleaning or any other kind of management of chimneys depends on several factors. You can appoint Clements Chimney Sweep NC to do the dirty works caused because of the chimney.

Every service varies as per the user’s behavior. Also, the change of weather makes the work a little harder for your chimney. As per the recommendation of experts, you must complete it before the winter.

Services You Get Through Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

If you have any water damage issue, it comes under the Chimney Inspection and Cleaning schedule. Yes, roofing repair maybe the second thing to do but don’t skip the chimney repair. A thorough inspection is necessary to undertake all types of repairs.

The following inspections are available once you opt for the appointment of Chimney Repair in Laurinburg, NC:

1. Checking any kind of flashing
The presence of any thin metal strip can solve the issues. The flashing is required to reduce the passage of moisture and water inside the chimney. If you want to get rid of leaks and deterioration of masonry, you should prepare and ready your chimney for longevity.

2. Chimney cap intact check up
The checkup of intactness comes under priority. This company gives you the best support on every type of Chimney Repair in Laurinburg, NC. In the checkup period, the chimney sweeper from the agency gives the best support from all around.

They clean all types of flue trappings due to smoke and fumes too. Doing so can eliminate the chance of fire and carbon monoxide formation.

3. Schedule cleaning and inspection
The right period is to conduct the Chimney Inspection and Cleaning during summer or any dry weather.

4. Repair missing (chipped) bricks and mortar
This is the exterior part of the chimney. Professionals from the agency can solve the issues by fixing the missing bricks’ regions or repairing the chipped areas.

5. Trim tree branches nearest to the chimney
You should not allow any kind of tree’s branches near the roofline and chimney. Just clean them up to ensure their safety.

6. Test damper
The checking of the damper can prevent the passage of outside air. It is good to replace the defective ones earlier.

7. Eliminate leftover ash
Any kind of ash you have in your chimney, the agency provides the best professionals to clean them up.

8. Installation of new batteries (in the detectors of smoke and carbon monoxide)
The last part of the Chimney Repair in Laurinburg, NC is to go for the installation of new batteries. These batteries are for the detectors of poisonous gasses like CO and smoke.


Unlike roofing and repairs, you should consider the repair of the chimney before it’s too late. Moisty or cool weather is not ideal to conduct some tough tasks. From the words of experts, the cleaning and inspection of chimneys must come at a higher priority before the winter.

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