How to launch an on-demand taxi app with a white-label ride-hailing tech solution?

launch taxi app

In a technology dominating era, it is of no big surprise that we live a sophisticated life. The invasion of smartphones added more convenience to carry out our day-to-day activities. Not to leave, on-demand services are an integral part of our lives with which we can avail of our desired services at the confines of our homes.

While every on-demand service gained popularity only in recent years, it is the on-demand taxi services that continues to be the most-used on-demand services of all times. Apps like Uber, Ola hold the apex position among other competitors in the ride-hailing services with their well-planned business model.

A report on ride-hailing services by Statista states that the global ride-hailing market is about to grow by 50% in the upcoming years and the global revenue will be 117 million U.S. dollars by 2021. The ride-sharing apps are really confronting a rapid growth which makes it obvious that investing in this business will be profitable.

Investing in an on-demand taxi app solution

As a next phase, we shall know the significance of investing in the clone app development for your on-demand taxi app.

The clone apps are custom-built incorporating your preferences right from the features to the user interface. You can decide on the number of features you want and also the level of UI (either basic or advanced depending on your budget)

As clone apps are ready-made, you can launch the app in a few days and make it available for users.

Also, the investment required for clone apps is less compared to developing apps from scratch.

Therefore, investing in clone apps will save you time, money which are crucial ones for every business.

Finding an authorised service provider is quite challenging, and if you manage to find one, success is what you can takeaway. Find the best clone app developer in the industry who has several years of experience in launching successful app development projects. Ensure they provide white-label solutions so that rebranding will become more easier.

The Uber clone apps are being widely invested by business professionals. The reason is, the app lists a horde of features like schedule booking, live tracking, geofencing, availability toggle, etc., that will make it more prominent among users.


The blog stated several facts and benefits of launching the white-label ride-hailing app for your business. I hope that you will takeaway some great insights for your business. Good luck!

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