How To Launch The Most Coveted Cameo Clone App


Dedicated fans are enamored with celebrities. Thus the app like Cameo takes advantage of this situation and bridges the gap between the celebrities and their fans. It allows the users to hire their favorite celebrities and make them do a customized short video. 

Short videos tend to gain a larger number of viewers than lengthy videos. This is because of the convenient, quick glance of the video. Cameo videos and direct messages start at $1 and go as high as $2500 for high-profile celebrities. It’s cheaper to send DMs via the app than video requests. Axios reports that Cameo sold 1.3 million videos last year, generating approximately $100m in revenue from the transactions.

The Cameo Clone allows your users to send and receive everything from text messages to personalized shoutouts. Let’s have a quick look at the workflow of the Cameo clone app to gain a better understanding.

  • The users can quickly access the app by logging in with a mobile number, an email, or social media credentials.
  • Using an advanced search bar, the users can reach their favorite celebrity or influencer fleetly from an ocean of profiles.
  • Users can access and view the posts in the profile of the celebrity.
  • Users can request one-on-one calls or shoutouts with celebrities.
  • Multiple payment modes are available for users to pay the celebrities for their service.
  • Users can request a video shoutout and also enjoy viewing the live streaming of celebrities.
  • Sharing the requested video shoutout on other social media platforms is made available to the users.

Wrapping up,

It’s high time to capitalize on the growing popularity of regulatory-free content subscription platforms by developing a Cameo like app, seeking a reliable company to develop your app? In addition to the best-in-class Cameo clone script, TurnkeyTown offers advanced technologies to ensure maximum entertainment. It’s finally here! Reach out to us and dominate the social media market!

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