How to Level Up in Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass Fast

Rainbow Six Siege has secured their newly Battle Pass, with some great special rewards for ranked and unranked play. Ubisoft has tied the system pack of whole new challenges to win that will exclusively offer more than 50 rewards. Another thing about this rewards this that you need to put full effort on tasks, whether you have premium or free battle pass. This new Road to S.I. is going to be challenging and fun for players. Players will earn battle points, and along with it, there will be a chance of bonus earning as well. So now if you are willing to earn something bigger, you need to give a break to quick matches.

Play Ranked and Unranked Multiplayer Matches

Playing and completing the matches in Rainbow Six Siege will let you contribute into the battle pass rewards earning. The battle pass of Tour De Force will especially reward for the ranked and unranked play. The following playlists of matches with the competition rules are also favouring as offering a bonus of 25% from battle points. You will earn it with every battle point. So obviously you need to leave the quick matches for a while.

Well, it seems so obvious, but the overall earning of a battle pass in Rainbow Six Siege cannot be restrained. Players have to play the battle regularly for rewards, and along with it, you need to keep your progression higher to win every match.

When you finish any match in Rainbow Six Siege from the battle pass, you will earn 100 battle points from every match and your winning battle points will increase to 120. Every battle of the battle pass is special and important for earning rewards. In every round of the match you win 60 additional battle points, and these points will grant you to earn maximum earnings every day.

Complete Battle Pass Challenges

Ubisoft launches a big list of challenges with the battle pass that provide some additional battle points. These available challenges track reached milestones by the players, and once they reached the mark, they were rewarded with heavy 850 battle points. Some of the challenges don’t need any additional play style; they can be progressed while playing the natural game. So these types of challenges don’t get much spotlight by players.

In the battle pass of Tour De Force, there are a total of 4 different challenges. These challenges are certainly some activities for the players to do with multiplayer. Once the players reach the required criteria, they will be credited with battle points on their tier level. These challenges are here mentioned below:

Kills Through a Breakable Surface: Kill total 5 players through the breakable surface into multiplayer.

Damage Enemy: Construct 3000 damage on the enemies.

Suppressor Kills: Kill a total of 70 players by using a suppressed weapon.

Secondary Weapon Kills: Kill a total of 50 players by using the secondary weapons in the multiplayer.

Year 5 Pass Boosts Battle Points Earning

The Tour De Force also includes a primary premium membership of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass. It will unlock some great items along with bonuses. You will also get 5th Year’s six playable operators. You can consider it a VIP pass of all the previous 4 seasons. The further Year 5 pass profits will be extended into the battle pass with a discount of 30 percent for Premium track item purchases. It will also increase 30 percent in the earning battle points.

Fast Track the Battle Pass Tiers

Well, it is the least rewarding way into the experience of the battle pass because Ubisoft is allowing the players to skip between any tier 35 by using the R6 credits. Every level in the following requires a total credit of 180 R6 for fast track, but with Tear 5 pass it is slightly cheaper. If you are willing to skip the entire battle pass, you need to invest at least 6120 R6 credits.

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