How to Link Pokemon Home with Nintendo Account

Pokemon Home is another huge game in the Pokemon franchise, and it is available for both Nintendo Switch and Smartphones (iOS and Android.) It’s been a few days since release the game and players are starting to face error in linking the account with their Nintendo accounts. They state that after connecting Pokemon Home with the Nintendo account after typing the password, they are still unable to connect them. This technical error is not going down as with a popular game, these kinds of errors are expected.

Every Pokemon trainer is frustrated after they are unable to link the account because that is how achievement and progress are saved. Well, it’s unfortunate but not impossible to solve, and here are some fixes you can apply.

Linking Nintendo Account with Pokemon Home

By linking Pokemon Home with Nintendo account, you can access the Pokemon Sword and Shield. Apart from this, linking provides one more thing to the players which are the free first Kanto starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander.) By choosing one of these Pokemon, players can use them while playing the game. There are no more offers available in the game at this time.

In order to link the Nintendo account with Pokemon Home, the first thing you need to do is “Launch” the Pokemon Home app and click on the “Menu” button. Choose the “options” icon and then choose the option of Link your Nintendo account. After that, you will be asked to link by “login” by Nintendo account. If you are able to link, then you are not facing the error, and you are good to go. If you are not able to log in so here are a few ways that you can try.

Type of Nintendo Account Manually In the Pokemon Home

At the time of linking the account with Pokemon Home, you will see that you are redirecting to another browser that asks for the login with the Nintendo account. You might already save the account and when you putting the account and password just remember one thing that set the password manually not automatically because that could be the issue you are facing the problem. Most probably your problem will be solved from this step, but if not there is one more thing that you can do to avoid the error.

Re-Download the Pokemon Home Game

Manually process is probably the best step that can solve the issue that you are facing. If you already linked the account then it will not link again, in fact, it will show a message of already linked with Pokemon Home. But if your account still showing the same issue and you are unable to connect the account, then you can do one easier thing.

The final thing you can do in this situation of error is you need to delete the app. It is because sometimes a problem can happen in the file of the app. After deleting the Pokemon Home, restart the device and re-install Pokemon Home and then try to link. With this straightforward procedure, your problem will be solved, and you are good to go.


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