How to Locate and Craft Cat School Gear in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 offers several features to gamers to enhance the gaming experience. The feature is provided comprised of wearing distinctive suits of armors alongside clothes. Cat School Gear is one of the significant equipment for gamers to obtain.

How to Locate and Craft Cat School Gear in Witcher 3

However, gamers need to locate and craft it first, and thus, we have brought this blog to favor gamers. If you are also facing difficulty in locating and crafting of Cat School Gear in Witcher 3, then please this blog carefully to get rid of making any mistake.

Cat School Gear

The cat School Gear is a plethora of essential utilities of Witcher 3 and is also known as Feline School Gear. The plethora contains CrossbowSteel SwordSilver SwordTrousersGaunletBoots, and Armor. As we discussed above that these utilities need to be craft by the players to use them in their games.


These essential utilities require Diagrams as its crafting prerequisite, and here we have gathered a list of items alongside their Diagram and its location.

Silver Sword: Gamers can find the Diagram of the Silversword by heading straightly to Est Tayiar in Gustfields, which lies in the Northeast region. Gamers need to locate a wall that has been broken by Aard. Besides, Aard gamers can easily locate a chamber inside which Diagram for Silver Sword is hidden.

Steel Sword: Gamers need to go to the ruined Castle of Drahim which lies in Grassy Knoll area. Gamers need to demolish the door of the tower of the castle by using Aard. There, the gamers will locate Cellar inside, which they will find Diagram for Steel Sword.

Crossbow: gamers can easily locate the Diagram of Crossbow by visiting the Lighthouse and then requires to use the ship. The ship will take the players straight to an island of Flying Stag where beneath the hull of the ship, gamers will find Diagram of Crossbow.

Now, gamers need to be aware of several facts first before proceeding further. They need to know that every Diagram will be available alongside specific notes. These notes will help the players to move ahead or more clearly, you can say that these notes are a specific instructional manual for the players to accomplish further journeys.

After, gamers will locate the Diagram of Crossbow; then, they will attain notes to a typical journey. Gamers need to complete this journey, and in the end, they will encounter a Witcher. Once they have successfully slain the Witcher, they will get the Diagrams of Trousers, Gaunlets, Boots,  and Armors.


  1. Armor: Two steel plates pieces, Two pieces of Leather Two pieces of Timber alongside Powder of Monster bones and a Shirt.
  2. Boots: One piece of Dark Iron, One piece of Timber, Two leather straps , Two Monster eyes, and Two pieces of Leather.
  3. Gaunlets: Two leather pieces, four leather straps, One Monster brain, and One piece of Timber.
  4. Crossbow: Two pieces of Timber, One Monster hair, One Wax piece, Two Dark Iron piece, and One Monster bone.
  5. Trousers: Two leather pieces, One Timber piece, One Monster brain, and Four leather straps.
  6. Silver Sword: Two Silver ingots, One Ruby dust, One Monster eye, and Two Leather straps.
  7. Steel Sword: Four Iron ingots, One Ruby dust, few quantities of Monster saliva, and Four Leather Straps.

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