How To Lower, Reduce & Control High Blood Pressure Levels

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, the doctor prescribes medications to bring down the pressure. Lifestyle plays a vital role in curing high blood pressure issues. You can control your blood pressure by following a healthy lifestyle.

There are some effective lifestyle changing tips to reduce your blood pressure and keep it in control.

Lose extra pounds and check your waistline

Blood pressure increases with body weight. If you gain weight or suffer from obesity, you are at high risk of elevated blood pressure. Being overweight causes breathing problems during sleep called sleep apnea, which increases blood pressure gradually.

Thus bariatric surgeons always advise you to lose excess weight, which helps you control blood pressure. Losing a small amount of weight can help you to reduce significant unit blood pressure. Experts said that an individual reduces blood pressure by about one mmHg per kilogram.

A man will be at risk if their waistline is more than 40 inches, and women will be at risk if their waistline is more than 35 inches.

Exercise regularly

Physical exercise is an important medicine for your body and mind. Exercise stimulates the secretion of happy hormones, which reduces the stress level responsible for your high blood pressure. If you do a moderate level of exercise for 30 minutes per day, your blood pressure will decrease by about 5-8 mmHg if you have been a patient with high blood pressure. You have to be dedicated and consistent; otherwise, your blood pressure will elevate again. It is the best medicine to prevent hypertension.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet, including fiber-rich whole grain, protein, low-fat dairy products, fruits, nuts which gradually burn the saturated fat from your body and reduce lipid profile. Saturated fat and high cholesterol levels drive up your blood pressure. Thus, if you are a patient with high cholesterol, avoid oily, junk, spicy food to control lipid profile and blood pressure. You can follow Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet.

Cut Sodium in your diet

Salt contains enough Sodium; thus, nutritionists ask you to avoid consuming salt-containing food. Preservative food is preserved by excess salt, which worsens your elevated blood pressure. Therefore, try to avoid preservative food and choose freshly cooked food items. The result of sodium consumption on blood pressure is different from person to person. Limit Sodium to 2.3 grams a day. The doctor recommends consuming only 1.5 g of salt per day for patients suffering from hypertension and cholesterol.

Reduce the alcohol consumption

Alcohol is both good and bad for your health.

Generally, drinking alcohol in a regulated way, a single drink per day for women and two drinks a day for men is alright; it will reduce your blood pressure by about 4mmHg. One drink means 12 ounces of beer, which is good for your health.

But consuming too much alcohol promotes reverse conditions, even raising blood pressure by several mmHg. It can decrease the effectiveness of blood pressure medicines.

Stop the habit of smoking and drinking coffee.

Every cigarette you smoke elevates your blood pressure for a long time after you end up. Limiting smoking aids in your pulse getting back to normal as usual with controlled blood pressure. Stopping smoking can diminish your danger of coronary illness and rectify your general wellbeing. Individuals who quit smoking might live longer than individuals who never stopped smoking.

One or two cups of coffee are good for your heart, also relieve you from stress, but more than that shows the reverse reaction. Research studies reviewed that excess caffeine raises blood pressure to 10 mm Hg. However, caffeine influences people who rarely consume it, but people who drink regularly may experience very few or zero effects on their blood pressure.

Stress is a great elevator of blood pressure.

Stress is the main culprit of high blood pressure. Stress stimulates the release of the stress hormone, which indirectly contracts the blood vessel and drastically increases blood pressure. Thus you have to learn the art of stress management. Practicing mindfulness activity, doing yoga or dance, or exercising, meditation is an effective way to manage stress.

Set aside some effort to ponder what makes you feel stressed, like career, family, finance, or physical or mental ailment. When you know what’s causing your anxiety, consider how you can kill or diminish it.

Try to follow the below-mentioned tips to control stress:

  • Make some times to get relaxed, do some mind engaging activities
  • Practice gratitude, include prayer in your schedule, do meditation to increase focus
  • Do not think too much as overthinking triggers stress
  • Spend some times of a day with your loved one or family member to share your emotions
  • Don’t make big goals; make small goals and try to achieve them first
  • Do some exercise, handgrip exercise also alleviates your stress; we have previously discussed the hand gripper blood pressure reducing effect, thus include it into your regular exercise routine to manage high bp.

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