How To Maintain Your Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial door hardware is an important and integral part of any commercial or industrial facility. With proper maintenance, these systems will remain functional and up to code for years on end. This blog post outlines six ways that you can properly maintain your commercial door hardware in order to keep it functioning as intended.

1. Maintain the Proper Hardware

When it comes to commercial door hardware you will find the same as you would in-home applications. The majority of commercial hardware will read as follows: “CHS” for chain and “CDP” for combination. This simply tells you what type of lock was used by this hardware. For example, a CDP lock is a combination lock where two different keys can open it. If a bolt or deadbolt was used then that should be specified as well. If a deadbolt was used then this should be specified as 10oz, 20oz, or 30oz depending on the size of the deadbolt being used. These are all exactly the same as your home’s.

2. Store it Properly

When storing commercial door hardware, you will want to make sure that they are in a safe accessible place. These clips should not be tossed in a cabinet with other building supplies because they can easily harm someone when struck by a loose object or dropped on their foot. In addition to that, these clips themselves should never be dropped on purpose because this can result in breaking the clip off of the door and rendering it unusable. Chained door hardware should be stored in a locked location away from the reach of children and pets. You may also want to consider keeping them out of reach from above if possible.

3. Keep the Door Open

If you have a combination lock for your door, chances are that it’s attached to a hinge, track, or another mechanism that allows the door to open freely. If this mechanism is not working correctly, chances are you will have to replace it. This means that these devices need to be inspected often for any signs of wear or damage. You should also make sure that the mechanism is in good condition by checking all of its moving parts to ensure that they are still functioning correctly before using them. If you come across any problems while looking at your systems, do not use them until repairs are completed!

4. Replace the Lock

The other possibility you will want to be aware of is that maybe your combination lock is functioning perfectly but something else isn’t. This may be the case if your door is difficult to open. It could also be the case if there are no signs of wear or damage on your hardware but it still doesn’t work properly, then you should remove it and replace it with new hardware that works properly. Call an experienced locksmith or discuss this with experts at Park Avenue Locks for assistance with this matter!

5. Bring in an Expert for Repairs

If you have tried to check out your system and decide to have someone look at it, make sure that they are well versed in commercial door hardware. If they aren’t, chances are that they will try to trick you into using parts of your system that may not be safe for you to use. This is important because your door is a critical entrance and exit point for people, so it’s absolutely necessary that the hardware is up to date and safe.

6. Test it out!

You will want to test out your door hardware by trying it out every now and again. Every few months, make sure to go through the motions of opening and closing your door in order to make sure all the mechanisms work correctly. This will ensure that your commercial door hardware is properly maintained throughout its life cycle.

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