How to Maintain Your Hair and Keep it Looking Fabulous


As one of the most noticeable features on your body, your hair plays a significant role in your appearance and self-confidence. While you might not have full control over genetics, there are many factors that affect the health of your hair and there are simple steps you can take to make sure it stays looking fabulous. Here are some tips from the top hair stylists in Albuquerque on how to maintain your hair and keep it looking great.

Apply Hair Mask Every Week

Treat your hair well. Invest in a hair mask that does wonders for dry and damaged tresses, follow with a deep conditioning treatment once a week for an extra hit of moisture. A good hair mask should be left on for about 15 minutes before being rinsed out, so set aside some time every week when you can enjoy your favorite TV show or movie while taking care of your hair!

Take Better Care Of Your Ends

The ends of your hair are one of its weakest parts. After all, it’s constantly being broken off from brushing, blow-drying, and daily wear-and-tear. To help combat that natural breakage, always use a heat protectant when styling your hair, never forget to use it on wet hair! Visit the hair salon Albuquerque near me and get the hair trimmed every six months for healthy locks.

Moisturize At Least Once Per Day

We all know that moisturizing is essential for keeping skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. But did you know that you should also be moisturizing your hair? Not only does it add a lovely shine and create a frizz-free look, but it also helps seal in moisture from other products like gels or sprays.

Deep Condition Once Per Month

To keep your hair in tip-top shape, treat it to a deep conditioning treatment once per month. Invest in a product that’s best for your hair type (dry, oily, color-treated), pop it into a plastic shower cap and leave it on for 15 minutes or so while you catch up on an episode of your favorite show.

Eat Healthy Foods

People sometimes make bad choices when it comes to maintaining their hair. If you tend to eat mostly junk food, for example, your hair is more likely than not going to look as though you have been eating plenty of junk. To take better care of your hair, try eating foods that are rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C and E. Fish such as mackerel and tuna are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids; other good sources include salmon and chicken.

For further queries on hair care, please speak to your hair and makeup artist Albuquerque.

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