How To Make A Collage On iPAD With PicCollage

You can create a collage to merge all your photos in only one post. Once you have created your photo collage, you can upload it on your social media accounts. Sometimes, you are not able to get many likes by uploading a single photo; then this method is really good to get likes on your photo collage. You can use PicCollage application to make a collage on your iPad by following the steps given in this article.


Here’s How to Make a Collage on Your iPad Through PicCollage

•    Upload the images.

1.    After downloading and launching the PicCollage application on the device, you need to press on the Photo symbol.

2.    Choose the images which you wish to upload on the device.

3.    You can upload images by going to the galley given on the device.

4.    Otherwise, you can upload the images by going to the Facebook and Instagram photos album.

5.    Press on the pictures which you wish to add on the collage so that you can make a collage on your iPad.

6.    After that, press on the tick symbol given in the upper right-hand side of the display once you have completed this procedure.

•    Choose the grid.

1.    After choosing the images from your gallery, you need to go the grid option.

2.    The payout which is given on the right-hand side will offer structure to the composition.

3.    The PicCollage application will create suitable grids regarding the images which you have chosen.

•    Freestyle.

PicCollage also permits you to begin by going to space rather than using the grid system. It is a good option to make a collage on your iPad.

Here the steps are given below to complete this procedure:

1.    Press on the Freestyle button by going to the home screen of the application.

2.    Now you will get the menu list on display.

3.    Press on the photo symbol.

4.    Choose the pictures which you wish to add on the collage.

5.    The images get organized automatically on the space.

•    Save the Collage.

1.    After selecting the right-hand side grid of the photos collage or add them in the Freestyle feature, now the real procedure has been started.

2.    The Freestyle application provides a feature which let you modify the photos collage.

3.    You can change the size of the grid.

4.    Change the wallpaper.

5.    You can also choose any ticker to add it on the photo collage.

6.    After following all these steps, press on the Done option located in the end right-hand side of the screen.

7.    Now, start saving the created photo collage on the device.

8.    After that, you can post it on your social media accounts.

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