How to make a lot of ozone to disinfect in certain time for industry?

As we know, ozone as a kind of green disinfectant is widely used for the following many aspects, ① drinking water, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, swimming pool water treatment and hospital sewage treatment; ② air sterilization and disinfection of raw materials, processing equipment and venues in medicine in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Cleaning and disinfection; ③ preservation and transportation of fruits, vegetables and food; ④ ozone treatment and disease prevention in medicine; ⑤ bleaching of pulp and textiles in chemical industry; ⑥ water treatment in aquaculture; ⑦ domestic room air purification Disinfection, degradation of residual pesticides on the surface of vegetables, melons and fruits; ⑧ Air sterilization, deodorization, and odor removal in livestock and poultry breeding plants.

Currently there are 3 ways to generate ozone, and the industrial ozone generator from CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd is generally based on the principle of corona discharge, because the amount of ozone required is relatively large.

1. high voltage corona dischargeing
2. UV light
3. electrolysis of water

The principle of high voltage corona discharging to make ozone is expressed by the formula, E=U/D (E = F / q, E = KQ / r2), P=I2R, E is the electric field strength generated by static electricity, when E is greater than the air is ionized At the critical value of the field strength, air ionization begins, that is to say, the air becomes a conductor, and there are free electrons in it. The electrons are freed from the bondage of the nucleus, the oxygen molecules are decomposed into oxygen atoms, and the oxygen atoms are quickly produced with oxygen. ozone.

How does the field strength E of the electric field come from? In the stainless steel ozone tube, there are many small electrodes connected together in parallel and then connected to the power supply. The transformer continuously boosts the 220V or 380V of the mains power supply to 3000V-6000V. The power above will become larger and larger, and the power is Q (E = KQ / r2). There will be a quartz tube isolation outside the electrode as insulation protection. We all know that the air is non-conductive under normal circumstances. Constantly boosting the voltage, the electricity Q on the electrode will increase, and at the same time, these electricity Q will increase the electric field strength around the electrode. When the electric field strength formed by these electricity Q distributed on the surface of the electrode begins to be greater than the electric field strength of the ionized air, The air is ionized and can conduct electricity. There will be free electrons in the air. These electrons come from oxygen and nitrogen molecules, so oxygen and nitrogen become oxygen and nitrogen atoms, and these oxygen atoms flow through the inside of the ozone tube. The air or oxygen reacts chemically to generate ozone, and at the same time there will be a small amount of nitrogen. Some will ask, isn’t there other gases in the air? Those are inert gases, a situation does not react, why can a corona discharge produce a lot of ozone at a time? We can design the stainless steel ozone tube according to the gas flow, such as how many liters per minute. To increase the hourly ozone production, the ozone tube can increase the number of electrodes. There are generally two kinds of gases that we produce ozone, namely air and oxygen. The concentration of ozone produced by air is 18-35 grams per cubic meter, and the ozone produced by oxygen is 80-120 grams per cubic meter. In the electrode discharge process, according to the P=I2R electric power, we know that it will generate a lot of heat, so we need water cooling to take away this heat, if we don’t take it, one will affect the life of the machine, and the other is Will reduce the production of ozone, because the temperature increases ozone will accelerate the decomposition.

How often does the corona discharge produce the power frenquency of the ozone machine?

A, 50-60Hz
B, 400-1000Hz
C, >1000Hz

The higher the frequency, the smaller the volume requirement of the ozone generator (the smaller capacity of the power in the ozone machine), the lower the power consumption, and the larger the ozone output, but the technical requirements are high.

What is the relationship between the ozone production per unit time of the ozone generator?

1. The structure and processing accuracy of the ozone generator
2. Cooling methods and conditions
3. Driving voltage and driving frequency
4. Dielectric material (quartz glass)
5. Oxygen content, cleanliness and dryness in gas resource
6. Efficiency of generator power system (high efficiency, less heat conversion)

Why does ozone sterilization require ozone concentration and contact time?

The detection standard of ozone sterilization is the CT value, C is the ozone concentration, T is the retention time after the ozone concentration reaches the standard, such as drinking water ozone sterilization, CT=1.6 C=0.4ppm, T=4 minutes, the essence of ozone sterilization in water, In fact, it is the strong oxidizing power of the oxygen atoms generated by the decomposition of ozone in the water and the total amount of ozone in the water itself.

Like a patient, in his body there is some kind of virus, which can be killed by ozone, so we all know that to recover body need the dosage and recovery period, then we can call dosage ozone concentration (CO3) and recovery period ozone contact time.

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