How to Make a Successful Social Media Calendar

 How to Make a Successful Social Media Calendar

It’s simple to become overwhelmed by the daily tasks of monitoring several social media accounts because of the constant influx of new information, news, and ideas. Some companies are famous for their sharp humor and capacity to seize the moment when something becomes a hot issue.

Your audience will be engaged by live tweets of noteworthy events or reactive postings on important news, and it will be fascinating for your social media team to produce them. However, you don’t want to lose sight of the greater goal, which calls for creating and adhering to a Social Media Calendar that is well-planned and based on the content you are confident your audience will find engaging.

Social Media Calendar

You can see all the posts you have scheduled for the coming weeks or months by using a social media calendar. Furthermore, it will enable you to prepare your posts in advance so that you always have something to contribute. Along with Social Media Marketing, Social Media Calendar is also a part of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai.

The Calendar includes;

  • Social media platform.
  • Date and Time of Publishing.
  • Post Format (Reel, Story, youtube short).
  • Write-up.
  • Visual (image, gif, video).
  • Hashtags and Location tags.

How to Make Your Own Social Media Calendar?

  1. Choose your Post Types and Formats.

The golden rule is to combine your media types (pictures, videos, gifs, articles, and reposts), or content (carousel posts, reels, polls, stories, live videos).

  1. Decide How frequently you will post.
  • GMB posts: 1-3 posts a week.
  • Instagram posts: 3-5 posts a week.
  • Instagram stories: 7-15 stories a week.
  • Instagram reels: 5-7 reels a week.
  • Facebook posts: 3-5 posts a week.
  • Twitter posts: 10-20 tweets a week.
  • Linkedin posts: 3-5 posts a week.
  • TikTok posts: 5-7 TikTox a week.
  1. Select the Platforms that are Important to you.

Start with the three most popular social networking sites—Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn—if you’re unsure which one to use, and then reach out from there. You will learn how to use all these platforms for revenue purposes in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai.

  1. Participate, Offer Criticism, and give Postings your Approval.

Everyone should be aware of their responsibilities when it comes time to present their social media content calendar to the marketing team.

Your social media team may better manage content planning by using a platform like Planable, which allows you to keep track of what projects are in development, who is working on them, and when they are scheduled to be online.

  1. Plan, Track, and Keep an eye on your Posts

Keep tabs on the effectiveness of your posts to determine which ones are generating the most interaction and outcomes. Using your research, do experiments on several platforms to see what works best for your audience. Experiment with different content types, publishing days and hours, copy lengths, hashtags, and multimedia assets.


Your time is too valuable as a marketer to be used deciding what to post about every single day. You may use your time to work on other facets of your marketing strategy and make future plans thanks to a well-organized social media content calendar.

With our Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai, you may advance your content planning while also determining the right content mix for your brand.

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