How to Make a Transparent Selection in MS Paint

Want to perform transparent selection on MS Paint; a widely known application used by various users for creating and editing drawings and paintings.

MS Paint is one of the most used drawings and editing program that was packed in the set of Microsoft Operating System. Nowadays, there are various photo editing programs available such as Photoshop, providing a number of image editing tools. If you want to edit and make a transparent selection on your paint screen, then one can avail of all the benefits of this effect.

MS Paint evolves itself in the wake of time, and now still developing its features to provide best of the services. it is available for the users with more advanced and updated tools. It packs with a wide range of features to create and edit your desired image or picture.

Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop

When Photoshop comes to the editing ground for the users, it packs with multiple dynamic features that mark a breakthrough in the world of photo editing. Therefore, creating or managing the transparent section is not a matter of worry.

Photoshop packs with a variety of image creation and customization effects and tools such as blend, sharpening, and also the sleek interface that comes as a professional program for photo editing.

However, strong collaborative tools and techniques provide increased team workflow. It also provides the accessibility of Cloud storage that attracts the users as they can store and access their images from any location just from a tap on their mouse.

Using MS Paint for Creating Transparent Selection

In this section, we will guide you on how you can make a transparent selection in your MS Paint in a very effective and compatible manner. The use of the selection tool can do it, and it will work very smoothly on your taken image. Now, you have to read this article very carefully to avoid any mishaps in your goal of creating the selection.

Pursue these guidelines to know the best features on how to make a transparent selection by MS Paint software:

  • In the beginning, hit the Start tab.
  • Then, scroll the page to various program listings to search for the folder “Windows Accessories.”
  • Expand the folder and go to the pull drop menu, and then hit the Paint option there.
  • Once you have got into the Paint window, then you have to arrange a particular text and a photo to place the text on that image.

Note: you can select any of your desired image and text to learn this trick.

  • Next, our goal is to rotate the text inside the image without affecting the respective text as a whole.
  • In order to get success in this mission, the first thing is you have to hit the “selection” tool.
  • After that, press the pull drop menu located inside the selection tool. Then choose the option “Transparent Selection” there.
  • After that, you have to apply drag and drop operation to place the selection tool on your respective text.
  • Then, go to the place where you want on the image.
  • Now, you will see that your text is rotating/moving inside your image without having the white-colored bar or boundary.

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Source:- How to Make a Transparent Selection in MS Paint

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