How to make an emergency dental fill replacement

Losing a dental filling when you do not have access to the dentist can be painful and embarrassing. It also increases your chances of dental infection and limits your ability to chew on the side of your mouth from which you have lost the filling, pressing the teeth on the opposite side. Although it is not an immediate emergency, it requires attention. With the right tools, you can easily, though temporarily, replace the filling until you can go to the dentist.

Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

Rinse your mouth with the antiseptic rinse. If you experience pain because there is an exposed nerve where the landing was, put some eugenol, also known as clove oil in a dropper and apply some drops in the area to numb it.


Take a small amount of the dental compound, soft wax or chewing gum. Make a small ball and put it in the cavity. Use the dental repair kit applicator, if you have one, for this step.

Rinse the tooth with warm sterile water to keep your mouth hydrated. The dental component contains ingredients such as zinc or barium oxide, which hardens absorbing moisture from your mouth.

Emergency Tooth Filling Allows the compound to settle the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer before attempting to bite on it

While you can buy an emergency dental repair kit at many chain stores, the amount of temporary dental filling they contain generally only goes for three or four treatments. Your circumstances, if you are camping or vacationing in another country, for example, can prevent you from seeing a doctor before you run out of resources. Talk to Dental Crowns Houston dentist before your trip about buying a temporary dental filling compound, which will allow you to last ten times more than the amount of the store’s repair kit.


Tooth Filling Dentist distinguishes it by being at the forefront in everything that relates to dental health. We understand the importance of oral health and the general well-being of people. That’s why Dental Fillings Houston offers you the best comprehensive dental care. We have different treatments so that your teeth always look healthy and in optimal conditions. One of these treatments is dental fillings.

Why are dental fillings needed?

Dental Crowns Treatment and Dental fillings are used when a degree of decomposition is found in a tooth, which may already be a cavity. This is commonly seen in the teeth that, due to their position, have a difficult brushing access, or in other cases they also occur due to traumas in the teeth.

How does the Dentist use them? Woman who has just received dental fillings

The Dentist Specializing In Crowns, after detecting this problem, realizes a perforation in the affected piece in order to clean all the damaged tissue in said piece. After the area is completely clean, the filling is made with a special material to restore the damaged piece. These types of problems are easily detected with an evaluation and a series of x-rays to locate the affected parts.

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