How to make an opening for a love doll

Sex dolls are produced to satisfy human fetishes. In order to satisfy sexual desires, many people choose to buy Sex Dolls or other sex toys. With the development of the times, Love Doll is no longer just a sex toy, but also a carrier of models, life figures, spiritual wives and daughters.

Open the doll bag

Most people are surprised by the weight of the package when they receive it. Very heavy adult live-action dolls typically weigh 20 to 40 kilograms. If you don’t have a car, you should take the package home. You should unpack the TPE sex doll in the large living room because the love doll needs to lie down.

Open the box with a knife along the seam on the package

Note that the package is opened along the seam. To open the package, place it in the living room and use a knife or other item to cut the tape along the top edge of the box. When using the knife, be careful not to cut too deep, so as not to damage the best sex dolls. Cut tape along the seams and the box will open.

Separate the parts of the love doll

The head of the sex doll is on the thigh. Put it in a padded case so it doesn’t hurt your face. Then remove the pad covering the head, then remove the vinyl bag covering the head. All other bodies are covered by pads, so take them all.

Most of today’s miniature sex dolls are custom, so you can choose from all of them. They are the head, upper body and lower body three parts.


You can choose wigs or hairstyles like perm, short, blonde or silver. If you look down, your eye color can be black, blue, brown, etc. In addition, the eyeball is also divided into the active type and fixed type. The movement is striking and lively. The stationary type feels like a small plush toy. Then, for the oral part, so far some companies make teeth and tongues and regular oral sex.

Upper body

The upper body is divided into normal small breasts, good breasts, and large breasts. In addition, the hand evolved further and the bones of the fingers were different from before. The love doll’s action becomes more abundant. I can grab things. Choose different colors from your nails. You can also choose the color of your nipples.

Lower body

The lower part of the body is one-piece detachable. Siam looks like a real woman, but it’s a little troublesome to clean. Detachable is the opposite. Also, add pubic hair. You can also choose an amount. Going down, toenails have the same choices as fingernails. Also, it can be inserted into the anus.

Clean dust from mats and wash hands

Before touching Ava, check the cleanliness of your hands. This is to avoid color transfer. You should wash your hands before moving a busty bbw sex doll to the sofa or bed.

Check other services

Note that there are usually seven items, including a wig, cleaning tools, a USB heater, a piece of clothing, a cotton hand, a comb, and a blanket. You can use all of them, so save them carefully. You should put it in a special box.

Bathing and wearing a wig for Sex Doll

You’ll be excited until the love doll arrives. But don’t rush to install it right away. Since it is customized, it is best to bathe and wash the newly opened love doll separately. After cleaning, dry off the water, blow-dry the Sex Doll with cold air, apply a layer of talcum powder, and put on your clothes.

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