How to Make Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can easily be made using silver rods and a 9-volt battery. The rods are connected to the battery using wires and submerged in water. Silver particles, ions and certain silver compounds will be produced in the water. This process is known as electrolysis. This is the easiest way to make colloidal silver.

There are also many colloidal silver generators sold in the market. Most colloidal silver generator suppliers claim their devices to be superior but most have basically the same set-up as the above, except instead of using a battery, it plugs into the wall socket. Colloidal Silver Mesosilver

Colloidal silver produced using a generator usually are of low quality and very unstable. Its particle size gets larger, due to agglomeration, as the ‘brewing’ time increases, and the solution get darker. Hence it can only be used to make colloidal silver solution of very low concentration.

After using the colloidal silver generator multiple times, the silver rods will erode, and it will become difficult to estimate the concentration of the colloidal silver being produced. The quality of the colloidal silver will also further deteriorate. Colloidal silver for pets

High concentration colloidal silver as the one produced by Colloidal Silver No.1 HighPPM can only be made using technologically advanced equipment. It is also very cost effective and convenient to make colloidal silver of any volume and concentration by simply adding drops of the colloidal silver concentrate in water.

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