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This person is our star’s close-end Gulith, and he always has its own way to show yourself. This time he wore a “69” jacket to participate in the training, the reason is: I used to wear No. 69 participates in our high school competition.

That game, pony pushed 455 yards, got 32 first attack, Pedon-Manning race successfully entered the super bowl since 1970! Manning and Pony have completed reversal in 18 points behind 3-21, which is also the maximum difference in history in the history of the NFL Federation. After three years and twice were eliminated in the playoffs, the pony was finally shameful and won the Meetian Championship. And this wonderful Meeting final, was also called “Pedon’s revenge peyton & lsquo; s.”.

After the beginning of the second half, Manning has gradually recovered. He led the team to play a smooth attack, before the end area, Manning’s monarch, with the ball to enter the end area! TouchDown! COLTS! Pony has finally reached! The score of the field is 21:13. Subsequently, Dan Klecko, who was “Fu Put”, was completed to the Mentuary Pass. Subsequently, two pony selection 2 points will be selected. Manning raised his hand, in the end area, he found his favorite passed object & mdash; & mdash; Marvin Harrison. Two points are successful, and the pony will chase to 21 levels. Subsequently, Jabar Gaffney received a Daddy’s pass to complete the reach, and the patriot once again pulled the difference.

Prior to injury, Rewis did not perform well when Deandrew Hopkins and Sammy Watkins. When the team is currently competing for the external card seat, everyone hopes that Rewick can return as soon as possible, and provide the performance of the best horn of the alliance again.

McDotmurt has worked with Anderson in the sixth year of the black panther, and Bill Offense Coordinator Brian Dabol is also met with Anderson. In 2009, when Durto served as an offensive coordinator in Brown, Anderson was a 9 game for Brown. Anderson’s last first debut is in 2016.

The front quartz, Mac-Vik served as the Kansas City Chief Internship Coach

Beijing July 26th, in June this year, before NFL quartzvan, Mike Vick, said that he had to become an Wholesale Nfl Jerseys coach on a day. Now he is a small step to give him a small step to this goal.

“I think my mind is really spending on tutorial football,” Wik said at the ESPN. “I feel that I have learned a lot from so many excellent coaches. I don’t want to conceal my knowledge, I really don’t want to teach things to learn to give high school children … You don’t have to use simple language, but You can’t be too complicated. I understand this. “

Rewick returns to training, is expected to appear this week

After absence the game last week with the New York giant, the New York Jet Racing Dalrell Revis returned to the team training this week. Rewick has been plagued by brain vibration, and he is wearing a confrontation involvement training on Thursday on Thursday. Although Rewick has not fully been tested through the alliance, this is at least a good sign.

NFL nearly 50 years classic campaign: Pedon’s revenge

I chose the 2006 Federal Finals. Manning and Braddy’s “Enemy” battle is always full of topics. But I am so deeply impressed by this game, because this is the first NFL game I saw, of course, it is a video. From that video, I also liked a player called Pedon-Manning, liked the Indianapolis Pony. There are not much gossip, first take everyone to review the ups and downs of the United States finals.

Bill originally planned Anderson as an Alan’s mentor. After Ellen injured, taking into account the performance of Nathan Peterman three five times, Bill decided to believe that this 14-year ball will be.

Todd Bowles indicates that Rewick will meet on the local time and doctors, which will be based on the diagnosis results. Rewick is very eager to return to the stadium: “My current work is to restore health and play. I think I will come back soon.”

In the fourth quarter, the pony is still behind. Jeff – Jeff Saturday picked up the ball to complete the big! Both sides war to 28 flat. Subsequently, GOSTKOWSKI was once again, and the patriot made a lead again. The pony will then use a free kick to fight to 31 squares. When the game is less than four minutes, the patriot has completed a 43-yard rejection, 34: 31, the patriot has again got ahead. Subsequently, the Patriot Defense Group forced the small horse to abandon kick. And the horses’ defensive groups do not have to show weakness, and they will take the ball for only one minute. At this time, there is still 2:17, and Manning leads the pony offensive group. In this wave of attack, they have to successfully complete a round of shooting, in order to chase the score. Everyone placed breathing, waiting for Manning and Pony to give the final answer. From this 20-yard line to the front 11 yard line of the Patriophone terminal, Manning used 19 seconds (Note: Manning passed the 58 yards, and additionally included an impact transfer penalty was penalized 12 yards). Three pass, each time you can’t get a huge defensive pressure of the patriot, every time you have a distant danger, and Manning and his pony have come back from the ghost door. Two consecutive shots, pony pushed 8 yards. 3 files 2 yards, Manning actively requested a pause. Subsequently, Joseph Addai came forward and completed a 3 yard of the squad! Pony finally became more than score in the United States finals. But the game has not ended yet, they left Braddy and his patriot a minute. The patriot has won an excellent offensive start position, Braddy will bring team to start from the 45-yard line. Subsequently, it was a moment of making countless pony fans boiling, the shot of the gunline, Braddy withdraws the ball to the middle road, the small horse horn Mallin – Jackson Jackson flying, complete the copy! ! The whole stadium is boiling! ! Manning ran into the venue and called his teammate to put a Victory formation. After the kick, Pedon is single, and it has implemented this difficult victory!

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