How To Make Notes For The MPPSC Exam

In this article I am going to give you information on one particular topic which plays very major role for your competitive exam preparation.  We will be discussing about how to make notes for the various competitive exams. When we think of the notes making where is with respect to what kind of exam you are preparing for. So if your preparing for semester exam it is totally different and if you are preparing for the exams which is having mains paper in that for example as a SSC, JEE, UPSC, IAS, MPPSC notes making pattern little different but when you go for the competitive exams which is having objective questions in that or MCQs questions like GATE, NEET, JEE, UPSC  and MPPSC prelims,  PWD, RRB or any other exams that time again the pattern will be little different. So, we will try understanding each one of them.

so before actually starting with this first let’s understand why notes making is very much important. See first whenever you are preparing for any of the competitive exam remember that you are dream is very high so when you are dream is very high that means your journey is also tuff. So that you don’t try to find any shortcut for that, whatever the things are needed you must do it accordingly.

Now let’s understand why these notes making is very very important? First thing whenever you try making notes with your own handwriting that means you are understanding each and everything from what you have studied either you have watched any video or either you have referred any book and took any mppsc coaching notes. When you are making notes with your own handwriting that mean you must understand each and everything. If you copy straight away from the books so that is not called as notes. If you are saying I am having sound notes which are written by myself that mean whatever you have written in that book you know each and every thing about that. So that if have you written any thing in your copy there should be crystal clear and they should be known by you that is you should read what you have written.

And the next point is whenever you are doing revision because revision plays very major role in any competitive exams. So, if they talk about MPPSC exam it will be in the month of July 2022 only 4 months remain and one month completely you have to devote for revision you should not study even a single topic, single point, new something during that one month. So, one month you have to completely devote for the revision so what I want to say is that revision plays very major role along with the preparation.

You have to schedule your preparation accordingly revision model time rather than requiring some other notes or rather than referring some other videos or other Institute mppsc printed notes or any other of your friend handwritten notes if you have your own notes you should trust in such a way that what you have returned is correct and good enough for your preparation.
Use different color pens while writing notes for mppsc exam. It will easy to retain in exam hall.

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