How to Make Restaurant Deliveries More Efficient

Making a delivery to a restaurant can be tricky. Whether you are delivering food, uniforms, or kegs of beer, there are opportunities to make deliveries to restaurants more efficient.

stair climbing dollyFactor in Obstacles

When making deliveries, restaurants may have obstacles other businesses do not. They might be on the second floor of a building, or they may be on a street that limits vehicle access. While a traditional hand truck makes deliveries easier, you may need something more specialized to make your delivery more efficient. For example, the best dollies that climb stairs are powered, helping you transport heavy loads up and down stairs while minimizing injury. Instead of using your own power to move the load, the motorized dolly does nearly all the work for you.

Optimize Loads

If you have a large load of beverages to deliver, it’s far more efficient to take more product at once. If you are making multiple trips carrying a single carton or two, or using a classic hand truck, you might not be optimizing your carrying capacity. Using u boat carts allows you to transport a large load—in some cases up to 1,500 pounds—in a single delivery. For added efficiency, some u boat carts are motorized, reducing the force necessary to move the load and taking strain off of the employees. Cutting down on injuries and time needed to make a delivery means money back in the company’s pocket. These motorized u boat carts can also help tackle inclines and uneven surfaces between the delivery truck and the restaurant.

Use the Right Tool for the Job at Hand

Following the adage of using the right tool for the right job can significantly increase efficiency. A typical hand truck found in any delivery van might be straight-backed, which makes it perfect for transporting boxes, but not kegs for restaurants with bars. Instead, use keg handling transport equipment to get the job done quickly. From hand trucks with curved backs and a keg hook to u boat carts with a keg stacking accessory, there are multiple options you might use depending on your needs. Similarly, there are hand trucks specifically made to deliver Dewar flasks. This could be used to transport liquid nitrogen to a molecular gastronomy restaurant with ease.

Efficiency Starts in the Warehouse

Finally, though most of the efficiency can be accomplished during the actual delivery, speeding up jobs starts with the warehouse. Use barcode scanners and wireless scanners to know precisely where a product is located, making it easier to load delivery trucks without constantly trying to find the right product. Using a barcode system reduces human error, makes finding the right product easy, and ultimately saves the company time and money. Software can determine optimum loads, automatically determine which products should be packed, and create a route based on the load. Setting priorities like which customer or restaurant must be delivered to first increases route optimization, helping your driver work more efficiently on the road.

About Magline

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