How to Make Safe Deliveries in Inclement Weather

A famous saying associated with the U.S. Postal Service is scrawled above the James A. Farley Post Office in New York City: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Many customers hold the USPS and other delivery services to this standard, expecting deliveries in rain or shine, show or gale-force winds. If you’re with another delivery service you might not have the same creed, but it’s still important to aspire to the best service possible. With the right tools, it’s still possible to make deliveries in inclement weather. While your electric hand cart will still work at the warehouse, you will need to rely on light tools while delivering, which can pose a challenge. A short disclaimer: Make sure you are careful, and above all, stay safe. Don’t try to make deliveries if you don’t feel safe.

3Making Safe Deliveries When It’s Rainy

A light drizzle isn’t an uncommon condition, making floors slick. Delivering to warehouses can prove problematic if the loading dock floors aren’t kept dry. A dash from a delivery van to a front porch comes with the risk of slipping and falling. With smaller boxes, using a hand truck can help move more boxes at once. This can help speed up the delivery while keeping the boxes secure, significantly reducing your risk of slipping. Use tarps to protect the products from the rain so that you don’t feel rushed. Wear work gloves to help you grip wet surfaces.

Making Safe Deliveries When It’s Snowy

Your first order of business is investing in a good pair of snow boots. These will help you keep traction in the snow. If it’s a light snowfall that isn’t sticking to the ground, you should have very few problems delivering. As the snow starts sticking, check in with your employer to see if you will deliver before streets are plowed. Once conditions have improved and the snow is just on the ground, look out for ice on the ground. A hand truck or collapsible hand truck are likely your best options for delivering, as these will take the challenge of balancing boxes and walking on potentially dangerous services out of the equation. Make sure to wear warm gloves to protect your fingers. You might miss the features of a motorized hand truck in difficult, snowy conditions when moving items before delivery, but you can still get all-weather features on lighter models, such as pneumatic tires.

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