How to Make Stunning Personalized Photo Blankets for Your Family

Personalized picture blankets are awesome. Whether you want them for your own, you’re thinking about using them as decorative pieces around the house to create a touch of the whimsy, or you want to send them off as gifts, picture blankets are an excellent choice. But a picture blanket is only as impressive as the photos you use. If you want those blankets to deliver emotional responses, then choose those photos right. Heed these tips. 

Determine What You Want 

What are you making the blankets for? Do you want them for yourself or as a gift? That will determine nearly everything, from the color and material to the size and the photos you’ll use. Decide before you move on any further with the process. 

Explore the Materials

There are several materials that you can choose from. Decide which one you like. Do you want a Sherpa or cotton blankets? If you’re personalizing the blankets and plan to send them off as gifts or tokens, then think about the kind of material that the person receiving the gift would like. That way, you’ll know if you should go with Sherpa photo blankets or something else. 

Choose Clear Photos 

Use only photos with a high resolution. When that photo gets printed onto the blanket or expands, it will still remain clear. That’s also why it’s a bad idea to use photos with poor resolution as the blankets might only end up with a blurry image. There is another way, though. You might want to go with a collage. The smaller size of the photos on the blanket could improve resolution quality if there are snaps that you really want to include in the blanket. This might work even when the photos don’t have a high resolution. 

Choose Clean Backgrounds 

When you look for images that you can use for the blanket, pick ones that come with clean or clear backgrounds. The less visual clutter, the better. When that gets printed out on the blanket, the image will be clearer if there aren’t too many elements in the photo. Also, too many details tend to lead to visual clutter. Your collage will have better impact if there’s visual coherence in the photos. 

Consider Your Memories 

If the blankets are a gift, then it’s a good idea to use images of the person who will receive the item. You could add a photo or two of you and that friend or family member together. That will make for an excellent keepsake. Your loved one only needs to look at the photo blanket to reminisce about the good old days and remember you. If that’s what you want, if you’re set on giving out photo blankets as a way to preserve the memories you share with your loved ones, then that makes for an excellent gift. 

Pick Out Your Faves

If you’re getting the blankets for yourself, though, pick out your fave snaps instead. Whether it’s photos from your last trip before the pandemic happened or photos with your family and friends, customizing that blanket will be loads of fun. 

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