How to Make the Most Out of Your Fine Dining Experience

Spending a night out enjoying the best fine dining Boise has to offer is a memorable experience. Whether it’s a special occasion or the fourth time this month you’ve eaten out, every fine dining experience is special. Thinking about going out to a restaurant soon? Here are a few tips so you can get the most out of the occasion for a memorable (and tasty) experience.

12Ask About Wine Pairings

Fine dining restaurants typically have a sommelier on staff whose sole job is to source and pick the best wines to accompany the menu offerings. If you’re treating yourself to a fine dining experience, you’d be remiss not to ask about wine pairings for your selected dish. The right wine, combined with the perfect cuisine, can elevate the experience and is not something to miss. Feel free to ask about anything you’re unsure of, and the wait staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Try What They’re Known For

Every restaurant has their own distinctive style of cooking that typically orbits one style of food. Try asking about specials or about which menu items are particularly fresh or popular. The best fine dining restaurants work hard to source high-quality ingredients, so they might have brought in a particularly good catch or well-marbled cut of beef.

So, if you’re heading to the highest-rated steakhouse Boise offers, that’s also well known for fine seafood, you should order a premium steak or a fresh cut of fish with all of the trimmings. You’ll have a fantastic experience and will taste why the restaurant is best known for that cuisine.

Enjoy the Show

The food is the star of the show, but many fine dining establishments go a few steps further. The atmosphere, company, and live music are part of the experience. Don’t head to a fine dining restaurant with the sole purpose to chow down and leave immediately. Instead, sit and enjoy the sounds of live jazz lofting through the dining room, sample a few of their select wines and cocktails, and take in every moment.

Don’t Pass on Dessert

The chefs at fine dining eateries plan their menu meticulously and prepare each ingredient and dish with a purpose. Dessert is a course that many often skip, but when enjoying a fine dining experience, it’s the perfect way to cap off a memorable evening. Follow your sweet tooth and allow yourself to indulge this evening.

Savor the Moment

Above all else, you want to remember this experience. All of the details at a premier restaurant are there with a purpose—from the tablecloth to the lighting in the room—so take them all in and savor the moment. Hopefully, you’ll be back soon, but until then, create fond memories to savor.

About Chandlers

Chandlers is home to some of the best steaks and seafood Boise has to offer, putting them among the best restaurants in all of Idaho and the country. Their secret is in their commitment to quality ingredients with a focus on crafting a fine dining experience like no other. They first opened in 2007, and since then, have been frequently voted atop many “best of” lists both locally and nationally. From premier cuts of beef to jet-fresh seafood shipped directly from Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, Chandlers has it all. They also feature live jazz nightly with world-class performers sharing their talents with diners. Whether you have guests in town, want a sophisticated date night, or to stop by the martini bar after work for Social Hour, make Chandlers your top destination in the Treasure Valley.

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