How To Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

As everyone who builds a new website loses a lot of traffic and there is no such thing as a poorly designed site to steer away potential visitors, here are a few Juztsam website design guidelines you should keep in mind to drive more traffic to your site. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but most websites apply to this rule.

You can have the best written content and the most targeted keywords on the web, but if your website is visually messy or the way it’s navigated is confusing, you’ll miss out on potential traffic.

Juztsam website design Guidelines for Search-Friendly Sites

How do I optimize my site for search engines? One thing to remember is that it is not designed to appeal to visitors, but may also be attractive to search engine spiders. There are a few principles to keep in mind while designing your site to be search engine friendly. These are just very basic principles.

Make the text readable. A busy background that darkens text can make it difficult to read as well as make it look unprofessional. Make the text readable. Standard size (the web standard is 12), no stupid fonts to deliberately interpret, and even the font color of your choice is readable (black is the preferred text color).

  • Make your navigation clear. How many sites are getting a “Page not found” error? This can be avoided by keeping the site hierarchy clear and consistent. Make sure your navigation tools are solid, and draw clouds with interesting titles. Also, for clarity, you want to include a sitemap or index page for sites over 10 pages.
  • A strategically important reason should be present in every image on your site, giving context to the content in front and center for your customers and users. Images must be accessible to searchers with an “alt” label and corresponding text link on all images or with images turned off due to slow download times. Use graphics that don’t give users a headache. No flickering, throbbing or strobe lights
  • Overall effect. There are many great techniques that can make your website very interesting, but some of these techniques tend to increase download times, so you should consider them carefully. Check out whatever technology you use to make your pages look great without hiding the entire message of your website. It is also important to be consistent with the juztsam website design. Make sure every page of your site has elements that link to the rest of the site. Otherwise, you can confuse your visitors with conflicting designs.

Search engine friendly juztsam website design is user friendly and so useful.

The bottom line in designing a site for search engines is to remember that you have to keep your users in mind. Designing for computer programs and search users is a tricky balance, but keeping these general principles in mind gives you a good start.

To learn more about designing a site for search engines, check out this free search engine friendly juztsam website design tutorial. You’ll also want to read more about search engine optimization to understand the bigger picture of how to design your site for search.

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