How to Make Your Vacation Absolutely Majestic

Aren’t vacations the perfect time to spend quality time with your family and friends? Don’t you just plan your year accordingly so you can have a long vacation without having to worry about anything? Well, how are you planning your vacation this year? If you haven’t thought of it already, try booking a houseboat for an ultimate fun vacation.

Vacationing, undoubtedly, is the sole reason why people do not mind working all year with zeal. They know that if they will plan things, they can save money and find time for the ultimate vacation of the year with their friends or family or both. With each year, people try to cover as many places as possible and want to lose themselves to the serenity of nature.

If you are planning a vacation, why don’t you go for something totally different like booking a houseboat for a week and explore a river? You can drive it however you want to and can anchor anywhere you want to spend the night. Think of the pleasure it entails. We’re sure that you haven’t experienced anything like that before and that it’ll be the best and luxurious vacation you will ever spend.

But before booking a houseboat just anywhere, there are few things that will require some serious consideration.


Well, there’s no doubt in the fact that to plan an exotic vacation, picking the right location is pretty crucial. You cannot expect to have fun at a dull, boring place that has no facilitation or average view, right? To resolve this issue, we know exactly where you can have an amazing houseboat experience. Morgan, South Australia. You can go for Murray River boat hire, and spend your vacation trailing on the longest river of South Australia, which by the way, is as picturesque as nature can be.


Before you book just any houseboat that floats on Murray River, you should enquire about the facilitation it offers, after all, you are going to spend a week on the boat. First, check out that if it has as many bedrooms as you will require. Then check if the houseboat is fully equipped, if you are going to onboard for seven days, you will require a whole set of things and equipment. The houseboat should be kids and pet friendly and should offer luxury. Never forget, you’re on a vacation; luxury is a must.

Choosing the Right Company:

If you are intrigued by the idea and couldn’t think of anything more exciting than spending 7 days on Murray River amidst nature and beneath the stars, then it’s imperative to select the best company that offers everything that you’d require.

Foxtale Houseboats is a company that offers 4 amazing houseboats that are fully equipped and luxurious and tend to all your needs. All of these houseboats have marvellous decks and lavish bedrooms. You wouldn’t need anything more if you opt for houseboat hire from Foxtale Houseboats.

To make it even more convenient for you, their website has the calendar that you can have a look at to see on which dates a houseboat is available. For Adelaide river boat hire contact 0418 400 201 or you can drop an email at Happy Holidaying!

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