How To Manage Weed Growth In Your Garden?

Weeds are gardener’s the worst enemies while trying to maintain a healthy and green garden. Those dandelions, crabgrass patches and clumps of clover can intimidate any homeowner when he sets foot on the garden.
Seeing the weed grow and blossom instead of your plants is not fair. Hence, many homeowners are looking for various ways how they can weed control growth. Let’s explore some tips and ways in today’s blog.

1- Flame the weeds
While flaming the weeds, you must be careful not to burn any other plants. You can use a gas-powered flamer that kills weeds by heating the weeds.
The weeds are heated up to a point when their cell walls burst. While using them, they will not look burnt, but they will die quickly. Never use the flamer in dry places, as the area will light up quickly.

2- Herbicides
Usually, professionals recommend herbicides over chemical products. You must only use the herbicides if the other ways turn out to be ineffective. Quality herbicides help ensure elimination of weed without impacting nearby healthy plants.
You can buy quality natural and non-toxic weed killers for your garden from Contact Organics. The weed killers should be kept in a safe and controlled environment away from children.

3- Home remedies
People who are new to killing weeds can also rely on some home remedies. These remedies include combining water with dish soap.

You can add around 120grams of dish soap to one gallon of water. Spray it on the weeds, and the weeds will turn brown. Once they turn brown, you can be sure they will die within a week.
This method sound simple but it is difficult to get the mixture exactly right.

How to limit the growth of weeds in your garden?
Mentioned below are some tips that help you prevent the growth of weed in the first place.

1- Mow higher
Weeds, like other plants, need sunlight to grow. Hence, you can restrict the weed from getting sunlight by mowing higher than usual.

2- Water the garden properly
When you water the garden properly, your plants grow deeper into the soil. This eliminates the chances of the weeds sprouting up in the soil. You must water frequently and encourage shallow root growth that will not leave spaces between the grasses for the weeds to grow.

Final thoughts
These ways will help you control weed growth on your property. With such steps, you can ensure healthy growth of your shrubs, plants, and trees in the garden.

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