How to Master Notifications on iPhone

Apple is globally renowned for its esteemed products and iPhone is one of them. iPhone possesses numerous handy functions, but its notifications structure usually gets overshadowed by other advanced features. The notification function seems pretty straightforward, but once you delve deeper, it opens up the door of many new possibilities. Here is everything you need to know to master notification on iPhone.

Enable Notifications for Annoying Application
The best time to work on any application that is sending unwanted and annoying notification at the exact time that you want. If you have iOS 12 or higher versions of the Apple device, then you can disable notification from any application notification through the settings application.
  • In the notification center, swipe right to left in the notification panel and then hit the “Manage button.”
  • Here you need to tap on the “Turn off” option that is shown as No more notification from this Application.
  • If you wish to disable notification for the Application that sends you a notification, then you need to start the settings application and then tap the notification button.
  • Here you need to choose Application in question.
  • Now hit the toggle that is appear near the “Allow Notification” button.
  • Rapidly all the incoming notification from the Application will be stopped, and you do not see the notification on the application badge.
  • If you only wish to turn off few parts of the notification such as banners and alerts, then you need to go through the alert option.
  • Deliver Notifications silently
  • Apple Deliver silently features are one of the best notification features that first come in iOS 12. When you swipe right to left on the notification in the notification centre and the hit the “Manage” option, you will be view a “Deliver Quietly” button.
  • When you click on it, the notification from the give application will be goes in to the silent mode.
  • They will automatically visited when you launch the notification centre, but you can’t view in the lock screen and also don’t buzz.
  • You can also disable this feature through the manage notification screen or hitting the “Deliver prominently” features.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit the notification option in the settings, and then select the Application then re-enable the alerts.
View Notifications without Unlocking
 If you are using Apple iPhone X-style along with face ID, you may notice that the notifications are hidden until your device is unlocked. That can might be annoying if you wish to glance the notification and don’t see the big privacy to hiding notification on your lock screen.
You need to enable notification preview on your lock screen by launching the settings, then hit the notification and select Show Preview. Here you need to tap on the “always” button.
Turn on LED Flash for Visual reaction

 Your iPhone has inbuilt features that make it easier to spot your call and notification alert. The LED Flashlight will be blinking the LED light on your iPhone when you get the notification or call on your device. This is very useful when you can feel the vibration when your device on the silent mode, you can able to see the notification but the LED Flashing.
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