How to Monitor and Control Data Usage on Windows 10

When you browse anything on the internet, play web games, use tools like Dapulse, Flowdock, ProofHub, etc. sometimes you end up sending and receiving a number of  megabytes and gigabytes above the Wi-Fi network on your Windows 10 PC. If you are connected to the Wifi or broadband services or any other connection, then the data usage may be bothering you.

Windows 10 has the feature to help the users to see their monthly data usage of all the applications. If you wish to monitor and control data usage on Windows 10, then follow the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to Check Data Usage in Windows 10 Task Manager

•    You have to right-click on the empty field in the Windows taskbar, located on the right column of the desktop icons.

•    Choose the “Task Manager” button after the drop-down menu starts appearing on the screen.

•    Now the task manager starts showing on the screen, covering the Windows screen. You have to tap on the “App history” option, given in the upper side of the “Task Manager” option.

•    You will get the drop-down list of all the apps which is available now with the appropriate sections such as “CPU time,” “Network,” “Metered network” and “Tile updates.” On the App history window, the network sections include current data usage for every app, described in the “Megabytes” and “Gigabytes.”

•    In case the current data usage is metered then you will get to know in the “Metered network” section.

Steps to Monitor Data Usage in Windows 10 Settings

•    Type the settings in the text field of Windows 10, given in the end left side of the display near the “Start” menu.

•    Tap on the “Settings-Trusted Microsoft Store app” button, located below the “Best Match” title after the drop-down menu starts showing on display.

•    Now, you will get the settings option of Windows 10 on the screen, covering the Windows screen, You have to choose the “Network and Internet” option.

•    Press on the ‘Data Usage” option, given in the left-hand side of the control panel.

•    Now, the Wi-Fi and internet data usage will start showing on display, including the megabytes and gigabytes amount which you had used on every Wi-Fi network within the thirty days.

•    If you wish to see the breakdown by the app, then you have to tap on the “View usage per app” URL, given below the available figures.

•    In case you like you see the data usage on various Wi-Fi network, then choose any other option by going to the “Show usage from” pull-down menu.

•    You will get the drop-down list of the apps which are available now, and each app will show the current data usage which you had used within thirty days and shows the comparison with other applications. The drop-down list will be arranged from the highest to lowest data usage.

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