How to Move Text and Objects in Paint 3D

Paint 3D is an updated version of Microsoft Paint. It helps you unleash your creativity and explore your artistic talent and also offers several advanced features and tools. By moving texts and objects, you can personalize your canvas. It can be done for 3D as well as 2D objects. If you wish to use the Paint 3D on a Windows computer, then this article will tell you how to move text and objects in the software.

Steps to move text and objects in Paint 3D on your Windows 10 PC

·        Go to the Paint 3D on the Windows computer.

·        Press a new option to do a new project.

·        Click to edit the project which you have created already.

·        Choose the Text option.

·        It is located on the upper side of the menu list.

·        Go to the right-hand corner of the menu in case you wish to get the  2D or 3D message.

·        Press and pull the text bar into the canvas,

·        Enter the text of selecting in the text box.

·        Start using the option.

·        It is located on the right-hand corner of the menu list.

·        You can modify this option, such as its font, color, and size.

·        Customize the text bar size by pulling the squares on the corner of the text box.

·        In case you wish to spin the message, click on the option.

·        It is given in the middle of the text bar.

·        It resembles a round shaped arrow.

·        If you want to transfer the chosen text, press and pull the dotted lines of the text bar.

Steps to move objects in Paint 3D on your Windows 10 PC

·        To make the 3D object, press the 3D shapes option.

·        The option is located on the right-hand corner of the menu list.

·        Select which 3D type you wish to make.

·        Once you have selected the settings to tab for the 3D object.

·        Press and pull on the canvas to make an object.

·        For moving the 3D object, you have to choose it by pressing on it.

·        It will launch the menu which permits you to spin the 3D object in the empty area.

·        In case you press in the text bar and pull, then you can move the 3D object to the selected folder.


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