How to Nail Boho Style and Not Look Hippie

To be honest, bohemian style is one of the few styles that never go out of fashion. And why should it? After all boho style is all about free-spirit and colours. And we like both of these things, don’t we? Also, as you are reading this post, we are pretty sure that you also love bohemian style just like we do. So, stay tuned!

Although boho fashion comes with no rules, it might get tricky when you try to nail boho style dresses. But not when you have our great styling tips on your side. If you do not want to look too hippie when wearing a boho dress, try to follow what we have mentioned in this post.


o You can begin with vintage fashion items. So, go on and check your parent’s old cabinets. You can pick anything that you think will look perfect on you like a brown big belt or a floral print blouse.

o No matter which print and pattern of clothes you have, you can mix and match ‘em all. Cool, right?

o To give a statement to your entire look, you can pair your outfit with gorgeous accessories. You can either choose a pearl necklace, feather jewellery or any other things that you like.

o If you are wearing a skirt or short bottoms, always wear boots because it will give you an edgy look.

o Now comes the fun part. If you feel comfortable, you can also experiment with layers.


o You should never ever choose more than four colours for a particular look because it will make you look more hippie.

o Do not overdo your entire look with several accessories.

o Never wear an outfit that is bigger than your frame.

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