How to Not Do Boho Home Decor!

If you are impressed by the boho style and want to decorate your home with the trendy mandala bedding and other boho chic items, keep reading. This post will help you understand “how to not do boho home decor”. That’s right! We assume that you might have read a lot of posts on how to create a boho-chic space. But this one is a little different because here we are going to talk about the things that you should avoid when decorating your space with boho chic items. So, are you ready? Alright then!

· Don’t use too much black: We understand that you are totally in love with that black bedsheet, black furniture, and other black stuff. But if you want to create a cozy boho-chic space, you should minimize the use of black items as much as you can. Boho decor is all about playing with colors. So, you should try to use more and more colorful things rather than sticking to a single dark color. If you want, you can add one to two elements of black items but not more.

· Don’t grow a jungle: If there is one thing that complements boho chic home decor, it’s planted. But this does not mean that you should grow a jungle. Even if you love plans too much, you should stick to growing two to three plans. But do not simply cover your house with plans.

· Overloaded prints: Prints are nice and we all love them. But you should avoid using items that are overloaded with prints. Do you know why? It’s because such a thing creates chaos in the mind and you would not like it.

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