How to Obtain a Driving License in Dubai?

Please keep the following items in mind when taking a driving test, in addition to following the instructions of your driving instructors.

1. Drive confidently and at a comfortable speed. Slow driving irritates examiners.

2. When manoeuvring, turning, or approaching a road or crossroads, always utilise your indicators and mirrors.

3. If you are a safe Driver in Dubai Don’t change lanes unless you are specifically instructed to do so. After doing a U-turn in the fast lane from a roundabout, however, move to the low-speed lane.

4. Never begin changing lanes while performing a ‘shoulder and mirrors’ check. After finishing the check, go moving. For being a pick and drop service dubai

5. After switching from a slow to a fast lane, accelerate quickly (within the speed limit).

6.  A safe Driver Dubai will wait until the approach is safe and the road ahead is clear before turning into a main road from a side road at a T-junction.

7. As soon as you join the main road from a T-junction or an intersection, accelerate quickly to maintain a good pace.

8. Slow down your car on roundabouts. After exiting the roundabout, rapidly accelerate your car to maintain a safe driving pace.

9. Never enter a roundabout unless there are no vehicles approaching from the left.

10. Only change lanes if no fast vehicle is approaching in the desired lane. If there is no safe method to do so, disregard the examiner’s command. He will be grateful for your decision.

11. When the examiner asks you to park, always do so parallel to the road. Never Park in front of a door, gate, or side street. If there isn’t enough room to open the driving side doors, use danger lights.

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