How to Open EML Files in PST Outlook Manually

As EML files (Windows Live Mail, em Client, DreamMail, etc.) are popular among users for managing data, similarly PST files (Outlook) are also popular among users for maintaining data for email communication which has made the most necessary part of our life. Some EML files users are such who think about importing them into PST for Outlook and for that they search for an exact solution. Firstly they want a direct & manual solution and in the absence or failure of such a method, they look for an alternative solution that will help in importing EML files to Outlook with 100% accurate migration outcomes,.

In this blog, we will describe both manual & alternative solutions to help you to import EML files to Outlook. Before explaining the solution, focus on some points of the necessities for eml files to Outlook migration.

Some Necessities Points to open EML files in Outlook

EML Files are supported by Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Windows Mail, DreamMail, etc. PST, on the other hand, is supported by Outlook for maintaining a database of information. Now the major necessary point for users going with the conversion of EML files to PST for Outlook is that is comes packaged with MS Office Suite and there is no need to buy it separately and more importantly, it is used for both personal & official work. Some requirements may be occurred due to the changing job, work environment, demand for a business deal, interest in changing apps, etc.

How to open EML Files to Outlook Manually

If we search a direct conversion method for EML files to Outlook then it is not possible. But a manual method is available which can help you to import .eml files into Microsoft Outlook. But before following the manual method, make sure that Windows Live Mail & Outlook both mail clients should be installed in your machine. Now follow the given method:

  • Open Windows Live Mail and Import .eml files (which you have for importing into Outlook) from the saving location from the file menu >> Import Option or by using the drag & drop method.
  • After that reopen Windows Live Mail and go to File Menu >> Export >> Email Messages
  • Now choose Microsoft Exchange Option & Click on the Next button
  • Then a new “Export Message” dialog box will appear there. Click on the OK button
  • Now choose folders that you want to convert in Outlook or All Folders to proceed and click on OK.

After that, you will get the entire selected data into Outlook. But this process has some disadvantages which can be harmful for users.

  • The process is very lengthy, so it will cost you your valuable time.
  • It may fail due to technical issues.
  • It may damage, corrupt, or lose your data or details of messages.
  • It is possible in the same machine to have both Windows Live Mail & Outlook properly installed.

How to Open EML Files in PST Outlook with Alternative Method

If you don’t want to use the manual method due to its disadvantages and want an exact, simple & advanced method, then you can go with an Alternative method that is an EML converter that enables you to quickly import EML files to Outlook. This program is created to overcome the situation for importing .eml files to .pst. Using the app, you can import your large .eml files data to Outlook in one round of processing, which can save you much time from one-by-one migration processing. It also maintains your entire data as it is and works smoothly. Follow the given procedure which helps to understand the complete working procedure –


Still you have any doubt then you can download the free EML file converter demo app that enables to import 20 .eml files from each folder of the database into Outlook without any cost.

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