How to Operate a Moving Business in Snowy Weather

Hand Truck (2)Depending on where you operate, the weather is going to be cold for the next few months, and that can mean snowy conditions for your moving business. Some snow might slow your employees, but there are ways to combat the weather. Break out the hand trucks and get ready to advise your delivery teams to use these tips to move in cold, snowy weather.

Bring Blankets and Covers

While it is usually the client’s responsibility to cover their floors and items, snowy weather will likely strain their supplies. Bring extra moving blankets and covers to protect the client’s belongings. Your team will also want to make sure to cover the floor as much as possible, as tracking in snow and salt makes for an unpleasant cleanup experience for the client.

Utilize Your Equipment

Using standard equipment in the snow can prove a challenge. Despite this, your team will still need to use your heavy duty hand truck to move appliances and larger items. Using pneumatic wheels with an aggressive tread can help retain traction in the snow, giving you the ability to continue using equipment. Wearing boots meant for the snow will help, too, as other shoes may not provide traction, and can help give the leverage needed to push hand trucks. It’s the client’s job to clear snow for your employees, but always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Pack a Warm Thermos

Many clients are kind enough to provide a hot beverage to their movers but advise your employees to bring their own thermos with their warm beverage of choice, whether it’s coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. Don’t forget to bring water to keep hydrated, as well. If you offer incentive programs, consider making morning coffee runs on the company an incentive for meeting goals.

Wear Gloves and Bring Extras

It should be obvious that your team should wear gloves, and the likely already do. However, if it’s snowing, it’s a good idea to bring an extra pair or two. Gloves will get wet, and if they are soaked, it’s uncomfortable for your employee and potentially damaging to the client’s belongings.

Carry Ice Melt in the Truck

Carrying a bag of ice melt can help when it is actively snowing. It’s usually the client’s responsibility to clear a path through the snow for your team, but if it’s snowing, they may not have time to keep up with the falling snow. It’s also possible they don’t have any snowmelt, and only shoveled. Instead of relying on the client, tell your team to bring a bag or two along, just in case they need to ensure their safety moving to and from the truck.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cancel

If the snow is coming down in whiteout conditions, or there’s too much ice on the road to make the move safely, don’t be afraid to cancel. The safety of your employees is the most crucial part of a snowy job.

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