How to Optimally Conduct SEO for No-Click Searches

How to Optimally Conduct SEO for No-Click Searches

In 2019, Google unveiled “Position Zero.” A data summary is added to the top of the results page to change search results. The goal is to quickly determine a keyword query’s intent. That is occasionally an address, and other times it is a brief passage of text. This improvement makes it easier for Google users to receive web content right away, minimizing the need for them to go through to a specific page.

When a person enters a question and receives an answer without ever clicking on a third-party website, this is known as a Zero-Click Search. It is frequently unnecessary to navigate through websites since the solution is highlighted on the search engine results page (SERP) using a variety of features (such as knowledge panels, rapid answers, featured snippets, etc.).

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Zero Click Search- Why do they occur?

When Google checked out some inside insight, the below-mentioned points can be the reason behind the Zero Click Search.

  • Researching dictionaries and encyclopedia articles.
  • Using a map search to locate national or regional brand locations
  • Direct interaction with businesses (i.e., seeking business hours, phone numbers, etc.).
  • Using voice search on devices like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa from Amazon.
  • Rephrasing questions to obtain more pertinent results.
  • Accessing apps rather than websites.

Zero Click Search: How to Optimize for the New World?

These suggestions are an excellent place to start if your brand wants to stay competitive in the zero-click search space.

  1. Make Sure the Website is Responsive to Mobile Devices.

Zero-click searches are most common on mobile devices (77.2%) and when using voice search. Additionally, with Google’s recent switch to mobile-first indexing, redesigning your website for mobile-first indexing is essential if you want to rank well in Google and survive the zero-click rush.

  1. Addition of Schema Markup.

To aid Google’s search engine crawlers in understanding and categorizing the material on your page, you can add code known as schema markup to your website. All these techniques are covered in many of the institutes in their Digital Marketing Courses in Coimbatore. You could outperform businesses without structured data by incorporating the necessary attributes and strengthening your brand across desirable SERP features.

  1. Utilize Content.

You can position your business to appear in knowledge panels, featured snippets, and other search results by adhering to fundamental SEO best practices for your content. Over 12% of search queries, according to Ahrefs, have featured snippets in their SERPs. Therefore, if you’re not sure where to start, try optimizing your content for featured snippets.

  1. Optimize the Images.

In order to increase page speed and keep searchers interested, optimizing your images can help. Additionally, it speeds up Google’s ability to scan your pages for Google Image Search, reduces page load time, and even raises a website’s authority, all of which help your ranking in SERPs.

  1. Make Local Listings a Priority.

To improve your business’s local ranking, use Google Business Profile(covered in Digital Marketing Courses in Coimbatore) to claim and update your business information. With the help of Google’s local packs, users may learn all there is to know about a company in their area without ever having to navigate through to the website.


While zero-click searches may not result in a visitor to your website directly, they do significantly increase brand visibility and referral traffic. A crucial SEO tactic in the current climate is aiming for the featured snippet position for a specific keyword search phrase.

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