How to Optimally Utilize Suggested UPSC Books

  • It should be noted that the UPSC Syllabus is vast, and therefore, it takes a minimum duration of at least a year to read through comprehensively. Thus, make sure that you do not waste precious time reading from books that are not up to the mark or are below standard. By below standard, I mean books that might contain unauthenticated or incorrect information.
  • Make sure to take notes while reading from the IAS books that I have listed for you above.
  • There are some excellent books for UPSC preparation like Laxmikanth, & the NCERTs. Books such as these are tailor-made for the UPSC exams.
    This is because a lot of questions related to the subject of polity are asked directly from this book. These are the kind of books that you should read as thoroughly as possible.
  • In addition to the points that I have written above, there are a lot of books that consist of information in a “notes”- like format. So, in a way, books like these already do provide you with the notes that you need to prepare for the exam. Therefore, while reading such books do not waste your time making notes.
  • Lastly, you need to understand that even though there are books that are exceptionally well-written and informative, they might not be that useful. Therefore, as far as preparing for the UPSC is concerned, make sure that you read from books that are relevant only from the UPSC preparation standpoint.

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