How To Optimize Conversion Rate with Text Blast In E-commerce

Just ask any successful entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that ‘Text message blasts are the future of marketing!’ This mobile marketing method has become the go-to marketing channel for many businesses as it allows them to reach an unrivaled number of customers by simply pressing a few buttons!

Discounts, Coupons, appointment reminders, all such promotional information, and more can be shared directly to customers’ phones. The best part is that text message blasts are likely to be opened as over 97% of Americans have a cellphone of some kind that supports text messaging. Let’s learn how to optimize the conversion rate using text message blasts in this article!

Text Message Blast and Conversion Rates: The Link

Wondering what the link between text message blasts and conversion rates is? Before we tell you that, you should know that text marketing campaigns are known to have the highest conversion rate (45%) amongst marketing channels.

This conversion rate refers to the increase in sales that is attributed to your text marketing as a whole or a certain text marketing campaign. There are two ways this text conversion rate can be calculated, and they are:

1. Calculate the % of texts in a campaign that led to a sale.

2. Compare the overall conversion rate you had before launching your text message marketing campaign to the rate you had after it was launched.

How to Optimize Conversion Rate with Text Message Blast

Here are some of the best methods to optimize your conversion rate with text blast campaigns.

Add Multiple Offers to Attract Customers

Generally, text messages have a limit of 160 characters, but that doesn’t apply when you’re working with some of the best text marketing platforms. Since this limit doesn’t exist, you can include multiple offers to attract customers!

Keep in mind that messages should still be kept short or should be highly entertaining, so people read them. Phrase these messages intelligently and add as much promotional content as you can in a highly entertaining manner.

Time Your Messages

If you want to optimize your conversion rate, timing your text message blasts is essential! People won’t read them if they aren’t timed correctly.

Studies have found that the best time to send promotional texts for restaurants and takeaways is 3 pm-5 pm on any given day. Hence, it would be intelligent to target this timeslot to maximize your conversions!

Plus, everybody knows that sending text message blasts after midnight isn’t the best idea. Avoid that and instead target times that customers are most likely to be using their phones.

Provide Easy Interaction and Use Brand URL

Providing easy interaction with your texts is a great way to optimize the conversion rate! Offering links and hyperlinking offer details are two great ways you can offer an easy call to action to your customers.

Such links make converting your texts into sales easy. Plus, make sure to use your brand URL in your text marketing campaign to add a sense of professionalism.

Added this URL will add a personal touch to your text in relation to your brand, and research has shown that branded links are more likely to get clicked rather than something like ‘’

Make Use of the Great Numbers behind SMS Marketing

SMS marketing campaigns offer great depth in analysis, and this provides businesses a great way to efficiently communicate with their customer base. Texts have a 98% open rate, and most texts are read within the first 90 seconds.

Since messages sent through SMS are conveyed so swiftly, businesses can use this marketing channel to instantly promote events such as certain discounts. Multiple messages can be sent to first inform the customer of an event and then remind them later of it.

Furthermore, the detailed analysis can help businesses keep track of how many messages got delivered, how many people opened them, and how many people responded to them. Keeping track of such metrics can help a business make the most of its SMS marketing campaign.

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