How to Optimize Snapchat for your Brand

In today’s life, social media platforms are indispensable tools for almost every brand; these platforms help the industries in branding their products.

Snapchat is one of the social media platforms that allow you to share photos and short videos of a maximum of 10 seconds. There are two kinds of Snaps that you can post. Personal Snaps can be viewed only once as it disappears right after your specific friend sees it. Snapchat stories are public and can be watched multiple times within a 24- hour timeframe; after which, the post disappears automatically.

If you are interested in optimizing this social media application, we are going to share some ways that will be very helpful for you to do the same for your brand community.

Taking photos/videos and adding captions

Once you’ve created a Snapchat account, open the app and you will see the home screen of the app which is the camera mode. Here you can click your snaps or make videos of a maximum of 10 seconds. To click your photos, tap the round button at the bottom of the screen, and if you want to shoot a video, hold the button down to capture your video (10 seconds is the maximum limit).

After you click a snap, you can add a caption. Tap once the middle of the screen, and you will get the keyboard to write your caption. Thirty-one characters is the maximum limit to write a caption. You can adjust the orientation of your caption, try different fonts, etc.

You can set the time limit for the photos you post to adjust how long you want the sender to see the video. For videos, this option is not available. The video will be played as long as you make them.

Sharing the Snap

Once you have created your Snap, click the arrow in the bottom right of the screen to send the Snap. This will direct you to a list of people that you follow. You can share your Snap privately to a specific person by finding his/her name in the list, or if you want the photo or video to be public, tap the round button to the right of “My Story.”

The Snaps you share as stories will stay in the stories dashboard for all of your followers to view 24 hours. If you share your Snap privately with a specific friend, he/she will be able to view it once. You can click your finger down on the icon in the Stories list to view the snaps of those you follow. If you want to skip any of Snaps or Stories which you have received from your friends, tap on the screen once, and it will skip to the next Snap.

Check followers

To see your followers and add friends, go to the home screen, then tap the ghost icon at the top. It will get you to the list of your followers, and from here, you will be able to add new friends as well. To add new friends, you can directly search in the search bar by their usernames and click the plus button to add a new friend. You can also add friends from your Address Book, where you can click the plus sign right after the displayed suggestions that you would like to follow.

Building a brand community

The most important consideration to build your brand community is, how regular you are with your Snaps. You have to be consistent with your Snaps so that your followers will not forget you.

Snapchat is very easy to use, and this is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. It provides you with lots of filters that make your Snaps amazing. So, use the above mentioned Snapchat optimizing tips and start snapping.

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