How to order disease panel for research and development

For a research project to succeed, it is essential to have efficient organic support. Equally important is the availability of high-quality human biospecimens from the target population for accurate scientific results. Central BioHub offers customized collections of human biospecimen panels exclusively for R&D purposes, simplifying the sourcing of appropriate research samples from the study group.

What are disease test panels? 

A patient sample is subjected to a series of laboratory tests as part of the diagnostic procedure known as “disease panel testing.” The tests are carried out on various samples, most commonly consisting of biofluids like blood, plasma, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid. The goal of panel testing is to identify or track a disease’s development over time. Tests for various diseases or a single disease may be included on the panel, along with samples from disease patients and healthy controls for comparison. The panel test findings can yield crucial data for research, treatment planning, and differential diagnosis.


Order Disease Panels from Central BioHub

Are you seeking dependable clinical research specimens, human disease and control panels for your research endeavour? Look no further than Central BioHub. As the ultimate human biospecimen marketplace, Central BioHub provides a wide selection of human disease panels for various medical conditions, including infectious diseases, COVID-19, chronic diseases, rheumatology, pregnancy, and more. These test panels consist of human biofluids such as serum, plasma, urine, CSF, and more, which have been meticulously screened and stored in optimal conditions in certified biobanks to guarantee quality research results.

These pre-defined and well-annotated sets of human biospecimens are ideal for assay validation, population-based studies, calibrating diagnostic tests, and more, aimed at advancing ongoing and cutting-edge research. Discover more about the available samples by visiting our inventory and test panels online:

Accelerating the medical discovery process, Central BioHub also of thousands of Human biological specimens such as pregnancy biomarker test samples, blood biomarker specimens or disease state panels for different acute and chronic conditions. 

As the first digital platform designed specifically to streamline human biospecimen procurement, Central BioHub reduces sample acquisition time from months to minutes. Its innovative features make the sample procurement process easier and quicker. Additionally, registered customers can reserve samples or request quotes for free. Take advantage of this opportunity. Join Central BioHub today and enjoy a hassle-free shopping of human biospecimens for research.

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