How to Organise an Event?

Organising an event perfectly might appear to be a daunting task. Whether it is a small family event or a vital corporate event, it is necessary that every small detail is taken care of. Though the venue of the event and catering service are the essential things to consider, small factors like the selection of cutlery, furniture, and décor accessories are equally important. There are plenty of event décor hire services in Cape Town who can help you organise your event. (Information source:

Some common products, widely used in events include marquees, bowl service, crockery, furniture, cutlery, glassware, décor accessories, wood & basket ware and cocktail servers to name a few. One good option is to get in touch with an event décor company which can assist and supply all the products you need for your event. Hiring the items makes your task easier and more convenient.


Your selected company will help you in choosing the right kind of furniture. Furniture is the most important element to consider when planning an event. Chairs and tables are an important part of an event – whether it is a corporate meeting or a family gathering. You need to hire stylish, yet comfortable chairs which match the décor of the party. The lounge seating sofa is a popular option as it allows the guests to sit back and relax. Tables should be robust and of the right size. Too large or too small tables can be inconvenient for the guests.

Cutlery and Crockery:

The cutlery and crockery items should complement the décor of your event. The cutlery should reflect style and aesthetics. When you are making a choice, consider the shape, size, weight, design and colour, keeping in mind your requirements. However, the most important thing is quality and it shouldn’t be compromised.

Décor Accessories:

The stunning look of décor accessories can give a grand look to your party. From the wide and exclusive collection, you may opt for antique pieces as well as modern décor items. Common accessories include board and easel, coir carpet, dance floor, industrial fan, picket fence and others, which can be a part of your event.

How to Choose a Good Event Décor Hiring Service?

There are several companies in Cape Town, which offer event or party décor items. So, when you need to hire such items, here are a few things which need to be considered:

  • Consider the quality of the items.
  • Does the provider offer an exclusive and wide range of products to choose from.
  • Consider the price list provided by the company.
  • Give attention to the reputation and experience of the organisation prior to choosing.

Organise an official event flawlessly or plan a family gathering, without worrying too much – get in touch with one of the most reputed event décor companies in Cape Town.

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